Jack and Tori reveal the real savage reason they stormed out the MAFS Australia reunion

They’re still not happy!

From day one right until the reunion, Jack and Tori were the most controversial couple of MAFS Australia 2024. Jack caused huge arguments within the group and Tori was always defending him, and their relationship was questioned non-stop over how authentic it really was.

They kept the chaos going by storming out of the final reunion episodes not once but twice because of arguments with the cast and producers, and now the couple have shared all about what happened to cause this.

Jack and Tori had a huge bust up with producers, and walked out of their final sit down on the couch with the experts. They ripped their mics off and left, and everyone was shook at their final act of defiance.

In an interview with Today Extra, Jack said: “We sat down [at the reunion] and we had about a 20 minute video of every single lowlight. There were many, many happy moments. They just weren’t seen and shared. And I think Tori had had enough. She didn’t feel like we’re going to get any justice sitting on that couch answering these questions any longer.”

Jack and Tori leave the MAFS Australia 2024 reunion

via Channel Nine / E4

It was previously reported Jack and Tori walked out of the final episodes twice, as a cast member spilled they clearly “didn’t want to be there” during filming. The first walk out came after people had tried to get Jack’s ex Courtney to storm the final dinner party, which was cut out the show for legal reasons.

Then, during the final commitment ceremony, a cast member said Jack and Tori were less than impressed with their final cut. Jack and Tori “blew up” at producers because they got a “bad edit”.

The cast member said: “Tori and Jack blew up at producers and accused them of giving them a bad edit and claimed that they didn’t show any of their good times together. They went ballistic and chucked a hissy fit. It was so intense.”

Apparently, what made Jack and Tori “so shocked” was that they “thought they were the main characters and the best couple on the show”. The insider added: “It wasn’t a bad edit – it was the truth. Exactly how they were and what happened, and how every other single person there saw it. They really thought they were going to come off as the golden couple of the season.”

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