Plan a bottomless brunch in this quiz and find out which Love Island 2021 girl you are

Plan a boozy bottomless brunch and we’ll tell you which Love Island 2021 gal you truly are

Oh you’ve drunk flirted with the waiter and fallen over on the way out? Hi Chloe!!

We’ve been watching Love Island 2021 for so many weeks now, I feel like I know all the girls and they are all my besties. Like, we’d go on a mega night out and I’d comfortably throw shapes with Chloe, or cry in the toilets over a boy with Liberty. And you can definitely imagine what the Love Island 2021 girls would be like at a brunch, so this quiz will tell you who your brunch habits align with the most.

We all know Chloe is the one who gets waaaay too drunk, flirts with the waiter and falls over as she leaves. Kaz is the Insta hype girl, taking the best pics for everyone and Millie is the most fun, having a great time whilst wearing an outfit everyone is jealous of. Liberty is 100 per cent the one who made the booking, and is having DMCs in the loos telling all the gals she loves them at every opportunity, whilst Faye is the loose cannon who gets a little bit too rowdy. Mary arrives late, keeps it low key and tries to pull everyone in sight.

So now is the time to find out how your bottomless brunch persona reflects which Love Island girl is your spirit animal, because you will radiate the same energy as one of them, it’s just science.

Plan a bottomless brunch in the quiz below to reveal which Love Island 2021 girl you are:

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