Which Love Island 2021 girl are you? Take this quiz to find out

I just want to be Millie, please

This year’s Love Island is finally starting to gather some steam. We know a lot more about the Islanders and their personalities, and our favourites are becoming very clear. So now is the time to find out which girl from Love Island 2021 you are, in the quiz below.

Remember when we all thought Chloe was bad news, then loved her and now we’re not really sure how to feel? Lucinda is another who has divided opinions, she brings good drama but now when I go to sleep I hear ReEEEAaaLLlYyy echoing in my mind. Only one thing is for sure – Kaz and Liberty are queens and should be protected at all costs. So maybe you’re like one of them? Or perhaps you’re more of a Millie? A cool-girl, who is effortlessly funny and brings great crack and personality to the villa. Or are you a Faye? The bringer of the drama and the curator of the chaos, ready to destroy anyone who steps in her way.

You can only truly be aligned to one of the girls from the Love Island 2021 lineup, so now is the time to find out your real truth. Sorry in advance if you find out a lot more about yourself here than you bargained for.

Take this quiz to find out which girl from Love Island 2021 you truly are:

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