Which guy from Love Island 2021 would you couple up with? Take this quiz to find out

Where do I find myself a Teddy?


Don’t pretend you don’t watch Love Island and imagine yourself coupling up with every single one of the boys on there. We’ve got to know the current cast a lot by now, so now is the time to find out which guy from the Love Island 2021 lineup is your real life soulmate, in the following quiz.

Some of us love a nice, humble and caring king like Hugo, or perhaps would love to share a foot fetish and a couple of jokes with Jake. I don’t know about you, but I’m more of a Teddy or die situation – he’s the perfect blend of good looking and would treat you like the princess you are. Toby would be fun for a while, but has no idea what he’s doing and would dump you at the first sight of someone new. Plus, I don’t think I need to tell you already that if you love nothing but a bad boy and red flags, you’re probably here for your very own Danny and I wish you nothing but good luck with your choices.

But, and very unfortunately, you can only have one of the Love Island guys as your boyfriend. So find out who it is here.

Take this quiz to find out which Love Island 2021 guy you would couple up with:

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