Um, it turns out Sara requested DAYS OFF filming MAFS Australia to meet with her ex?!

The plot thickens!!

I don’t think we will ever hear the end of the saga with Sara from MAFS Australia 2024 meeting up with her ex during the experiment. Now the show is over, even more gossip is coming out about what happened and it’s juicy.

So to recap what we saw happen on the show, Eden revealed she had got a text off Sara saying she met up with an ex, and Eden decided she had to tell the rest of the group. Sara then admitted to everyone she had met up with her ex boyfriend, but hadn’t told Tim as she “didn’t want him to be insecure” and thought it would cause unnecessary drama.

Tim then dropped the bombshell that Sara had previously admitted to sleeping with her ex just weeks before the experiment began. She then said it was fine that she’d met up with her ex because he had been in a relationship for six years. But then when questioned why she had slept with him if he had a girlfriend, Sara said they’d broken up, then changed her story to say her ex and his new girlfriend were constantly “on and off”. Sara’s now said it was two different exes she was on about – it’s been a mess.

Now, speaking in a new interview, Tim has said Sara actually requested time off from the experiment, and this was when she had been meeting with her former boyfriend.

Sara and Tim on MAFS Australia 2024

via Channel Nine / E4

Speaking with former MAFS brides Ella and Dom on their Sit With Us Podcast, Tim revealed Sara requested three days off filming the experiment (you know the experiment where she’s meant to be getting married and finding love) and this turned out to be when she had met up with her ex.

Sara asked the producers if she could have the time off to celebrate her friend’s birthday, but this was declined. It was that weekend she went out and met with the ex, the catch-up which caused all the drama.

“I was so hurt by that because I’d been fighting, I’d been really trying to impress this girl and win her over, and I’d been really patient with her,” Tim told the podcast hosts about the whole scandal.

He added that he still isn’t sure what happened between Sara and her ex, and said: “I’m never going to really know, I’m not sure if they did anything physical, I don’t want to point the finger – I have no idea. They had that weird thing going on for five years and I feel like she brought that into our relationship.”

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