Leaked production schedule proves Sara scandal was the most staged MAFS Australia drama yet

Eden filmed a fake scene telling Jayden about Sara’s secret, when she’d actually told him four days earlier

Um, so you know how the Sara cheating scandal felt like the biggest drama on MAFS Australia 2024 yet? Well, a production schedule has supposedly leaked, and it makes it look as though hardly anything we saw on the show was actually how things played out in real life.

What we saw was this: Eden had received a text from Sara at the weekend saying she was meeting up with her ex. Then, at the couples’ retreat she told Jayden the texts were from Sara, and they decided they needed to tell the group, and most importantly, Tim.

Everything then kicked off at the dinner party, as Sara changed her story a million times – saying she met up with an ex but didn’t tell Tim because she feared he’d “get insecure”. Sara excused her actions by saying her ex had been in a new relationship for over six years, but when Tim said she also slept with her ex before the experiment, Sara was questioned on why she did this if he had a girlfriend. Sara backtracked saying they might have been split up, might have been on and off – before truly crumbling.

The leaked production schedule claims things played out in a very different way to this. Yahoo Lifestyle has got hold of the schedule, and it shows the drama in a completely new light. Here’s the rundown of the dates of filming, and what actually happened.

MAFS Australia 2024 Sara cheating scandal explained

via Channel 9 / E4

Friday September 15th:

After wrapping filming for the week, Sara invited Eden and Lauren to drinks with her friends in the evening, and asked Eden if she had clothes she could borrow. Sara explained her ex was visiting Sydney and would probably be there as they still have the same group of friends. In the end, Eden and Lauren didn’t go with Sara, and Sara’s ex wasn’t actually there.

Saturday September 16th:

This was when Sara actually met with her ex, as she went out with her friends again when filming for MAFS wasn’t taking place. This was when Sara texted Eden to say she had met up with her ex, and told her she intended to keep it a secret from Tim to avoid drama.

Sunday September 17th:

So, this is when things get a bit different to how it looked to us as viewers. Sara and Tim went out with Jayden and Eden. At this point, Eden had already told Jayden about the text she got from Sara.

MAFS Australia 2024 Sara cheating scandal explained

via Channel 9 / E4

Monday September 18th:

Sara and Tim and Jayden and Eden had catch ups with their individual producers to share their weekend activities. This was ahead of all the cast members flying out to Byron for the retreat. It was actually here that Eden informed producers she knew Sara had met up with her ex, not during the retreat as viewers were shown.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, it was then alleged the producer for Jayden and Eden said it would be “their moment” to “become main characters” again, if they shared this news with the rest of the group.

Tuesday September 19th:

Eden was advised by production to distance herself from Sara and Lauren at the retreat whilst building momentum for sharing the secret.

Wednesday September 20th:

MAFS Australia 2024 Sara cheating scandal explained

via Channel 9 / E4

Eden is removed from the group to film a staged scene, acting out telling Jayden about Sara’s secret, despite having already told him four days before this.

Thursday September 21st:

Producers kept Eden away from Sara and Tim as the cast returned to Sydney. Eden was told she must not share the secret with any other cast members and must ignore Sara all week ahead of the dinner party.

Friday September 22nd:

Producers removed Eden, Sara and Tim from the dinner party to privately film her spilling Sara’s big “secret” to her husband – they then shared the news with the rest of the group.

I mean, I knew reality TV was bad but come on?!

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