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Inside Jono and Ellie from MAFS Australia’s cringy shared TikTok account

‘So this goes out to all the haters…’

Ellie and Jono are on everyone’s lips after the MAFS Australia reunion, and not just because of all the drama of their texting scandal and the fact they walked back into the group as a couple – but also because of all the loved up antics they’re up to following the show. Nowhere is a worse showcase of this than the fact that Ellie and Jono have started a couples TikTok account, and it’s the most cringe of all the post MAFS Australia content – so let’s have a nosy look inside, shall we?

The first post is just… a picture of Jono

The first ever post on the account is literally just a picture of Jono smiling with a song playing in the background. It has no business being as funny as it is.

‘So this goes out to all the haters’

Maybe I’m just a bit unphased by stuff like this but is it me or is it so jarring to see a grown man say “this goes out to all the haters?” It’s giving 2013!

Date nights to cover versions of Rihanna tracks


Beautiful arvo on Burleigh Hill. Epic nibblies from @That Grazing Co. #thatgrazingco #fyp #burleighheads

♬ Cheers (Drink To That) – Countdown Singers

MAFS Australia cheating scandal couple Ellie and Jono have dedicated their joint TikTok account to the music of Rihanna, for some reason. Most of their date night videos and / or little swipe through posts have Rihanna tunes blasting on them. One has Live Your Life and one has a random cover of Cheers (Drink To That). It remains unclear as to why.

Whilst the account is a bit corny, it seems that for all the drama Ellie and Jono caused by getting together it’s not all been for nothing because they do genuinely seem happy and they’re making the most of their post MAFS fame

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