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Lawyer reveals the Baby Reindeer scenes Netflix should have cut to keep Martha anonymous

‘What Richard Gadd has done is very high risk’

The creator of Baby Reindeer, Richard Gadd and Netflix have both been attacked by the woman claiming to be the ‘real’ Martha, who has threatened to sue them both. And now Ross Lynch, a lawyer has revealed the key scenes and minor details that Netflix should have cut in Baby Reindeer in order to keep Martha’s real identity anonymous.

Ross Lynch from Gately Legal told The Daily Mail that ‘Martha’ could have grounds to sue Richard and Netflix for defamation if she can prove the allegations shown in Baby Reindeer are true and have caused her “serious harm.”

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He explained: “I think what Gadd’s done is quite high risk because he’s publicised the fact that this happened to him, and it was traumatic and now he’s taken it to the big screen. You could argue that maybe he should have been a bit more careful about changing facts a bit more.”

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As for the elements and details of the story that could have been changed, Ross revealed: “Making her different, maybe doing it the other way around and making it a man as the stalker rather than a woman.

“Or, you know, just changing it up a bit more as there are obviously so many similarities. I would just try and make it as different as you can to what actually happened while still getting the story across. Not Scottish, and not a lawyer and not having a bar in London, but perhaps set it in a library in Manchester or something like that.”