Mia Bladon

Student Contributor, York

Mia Bladon
York University

Wellbeing and mental health, women's experience at York, LGBTQIA+ experience at York, feature articles, English literature, dance, poetry, journalism

  • Mia Bladon is a writer for the York Tab, who frequently writes and publishes journalistic articles
  • Mia's journalistic interests primarily relate to wellbeing, and the experiences of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in York
  • As well as being a writer for the York Tab, Mia is a dancer, poet, and cat-lover. She trains in a multitude of dance styles. Also, she performs her original poetry at open mics


Mia joined the York Tab as a writer during her first year of university. She is now in her second year of university and continues to write feature articles on wellbeing, mental health, and experiences of women and the LGBTQIA+ community in York


Mia Bladon is in her second year of studying English Literature at the University of York. A recipient of an Academic Excellence Award, obtained as a result of exceptional attainment at A-Level, Mia's passion for literature, especially poetry, has flourished even further at university


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