Meet Faye Winter: Love Island 2021’s dog-loving estate agent

She volunteers with guide dogs, she might actually be a good person!

Now that all the contestants have been announced, we’re curious about what it’ll take to make Faye Winter Love Island 2021‘s winner.

The series is promising to be fiery and spicy, and there are a whole bunch of contestants to get acquainted with. But Faye, perhaps more than any other, seems like a classic villa icon.

With that in mind, meet Faye Winter, Love Island 2021’s resident estate agent.

Faye can be found on Instagram at @faye__winter

26-year-old Faye’s Instagram handle is @faye__winter (yes, with two underscores). She’s already amassed 13k followers, with her snaps of holidays and dogs.

faye winter love island

via Instagram: @faye__winter

In normal life, Faye Winter is an estate agent and loves dogs

Hailing from Exeter in Devon, Faye works as a lettings agent, and has taken a sabbatical to go on the villa. “I love my job,” she said. “I will go back to my normal life happily”.

Alongside this, she also volunteers with guide dogs. Presumably to salve the conscience after a long day of being an estate agent.

faye winter love island

via Instagram: @faye__winter

Producers approached Faye Winter for Love Island over Insta DMs

Like many of the cast over the years, Faye was approached by producers. In fact, she said the producers slid into her Instagram DMs.

“I actually was approached,” she told Metro. “But I think I am mystic Meg, because I was thinking to myself whilst we’re in lockdown, I am going to be on Love Island, I’ve got this.”

She can’t stand people who don’t tan well

In a stunning rebuke to pink, peely men everywhere, Faye has revealed that she just isn’t into people who can’t tan. “Oh my God, someone who goes into the sun and comes back looking like corned beef is not for me, drop me out. Get yourself some sunblock,” she told Metro.

But backs herself as being good in bed…

Although she hasn’t set out whether she will or won’t shag in the villa.

faye winter love island

via Instagram: @faye__winter

“I’m going to go in with the same morals I’ve normally got. I have spoken… well I haven’t spoken to mum and dad but I do still want to be part of their will – I need to make sure I don’t do too much wrong!” she said.

Her ideal guy has to be six feet tall, and ideally look like Zac Efron

While Faye stipulates a partner must be at least six feet tall, she admits “my last relationship that I was in for five years he was life 5ft7”.

Love Island 2021 starts on Monday 28th June on ITV2. For all the latest Love Island news and gossip and for the best memes and quizzes, like The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook. 

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