This is exactly where the Love Island villa is in real life

We tracked it down on Google Maps and you can even make out the iconic pool

Forget the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, if there’s one place on Earth that is more mysterious, unobtainable, and widely-discussed than any other it’s the Love Island villa.

The things that have taken place in that compound over the years make the events of Henry VIII’s court seem like a breezy Sunday afternoon in a retirement home. And while everyone knows it’s somewhere in Mallorca, where exactly is it?

We tracked the villa down on Google Maps. What used to be a closely-guarded secret is now labelled “Love Island UK Villa” – but you’ve still got to know where to look. And this is unmistakably the villa.

This is the real-life Love Island villa location

If you want to be really specific, its coordinates are: 39.62305, 3.24972. And if you want to look at it yourself, follow this link to Google Maps and you’ll be taken to the Love Island villa location. But for those who can’t be bothered, here it is in all its glory – surrounded by trees and set against parched Balearic fields.

It’s far back from the road, and this is the track leading up to it. Secluded and invisible from the road, the villa is the perfect place to conduct your social experiments in peace. It doesn’t seem like you can rent the Love Island villa, sadly.

love island villa location

Zoom in on the actual villa and you can clearly see this isn’t a case of someone mislabelling it. The iconic pool is obvious for all to see, as are the big outdoor beds and the curved seating area.

But what’s also clear is a load of shipping containers and bits surrounding the villa which clearly never make it into shot.

In fact, look closely and you can see what look like the famous beanbags on the grass.

love island villa location

The nearest town is Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, a mere 3.6 kilometres, or a 47 minute walk, away. It has a population of just 8,500 people and its most notable resident is a medal-winning Olympian from the Sydney 2000 games. Until Maura Higgins rocked up in town.

This is where the villa is located on the overall island. It’s to the east, far away from Mallorcan capital Palma.

love island villa location

The main villa is connected by a small, seemingly private road to Casa Amor – convenient for producers and cameras scuttling from one to the other.

However, we don’t know if the same Casa Amor villa will be returning this year.

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