All the best memes and reactions that prove Liam and Millie should win Love Island 2021

Liam and Millie have already won Love Island 2021 and here are the receipts

Just give them the £50k now already

It’s official: Love Island 2021 is over because Liam and Millie have already been crowned winners. They’ve come through as an underdog couple, stolen our hearts and now I would happily see them take the £50k and run off into the Mallorca sunset together. I’m buying a hat. The wedding must be soon.

When Liam first entered the villa as a bombshell he was quiet, we were taken so aback by the fact that he’s 21 (show me a birth certificate) and 6ft6 that we paid no attention to his actual personality. Millie entered the villa with Lucinda, and everyone was so distracted by her that we slept on the gem that is Millie. She’s funny, gorgeous and what a bombshell should actually be like.

And now together they have won the hearts of the nation. I’m talking step aside Kate and Wills, Alex and Olivia who? Posh and Becks? They’ve had their time and they’ve got nothing on our Lillie (that’s Liam and Millie and it will catch on). They are the only couple in the Love Island 2021 villa who have any real chemistry, I could watch them joking about and imitating Lucinda’s accent all day on loop, and when Liam called Millie his “Millie moo” a little part of me died.

So, I’m asking for one thing and one thing only. Give them the prize. We don’t need to drag it out any further. Here are all the memes which prove Liam and Millie are the best thing about Love Island right now, and they have that £50k secured.

1. I love it from them

2. It’s just their VIBES

3. She’s just so fun????

4. I’m obsessed with them now ok

5. He’s the best guy in there and you can’t change my mind

6. An icon was born

7. The show’s over!!!!

8. Adorable, honestly

9. I hope when they leave the villa they get this framed


11. This guy

12. They’ve got it in the bag

13. Pls

14. I am BEGGING

15. Can we manifest their win into reality pls

16. What’s the point in waiting around???

17. You have no choice but to adore

18. If they don’t, true love isn’t real


20. They make my heart burst


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