Ranked: These are officially the tallest contestants Love Island has ever had

Ok, Arabella and Tyler are TALL


Whenever there’s a particularly tall guy in the Love Island cast, they feel the need to drop their exact height into conversation at the first possible chance. Tom Clare was quick to let us all know he’s one of the tallest people there has ever been on Love Island, and in 2021 Liam Reardon strolled in and dropped that he’s 6ft6 within minutes. Despite Liam and Tom having pretty impressive heights, they’re still not the tallest of all the Love Island contestants there have ever been.

I’m not giving away any prizes for a guess at who the tallest Islander to ever grace the villa has been, because I’m pretty sure you have a good idea in your head. The tallest Love Island girl looks like it was Arabella Chi, who was in the season five and All Stars villas, standing at 5ft10 and a half. The rest of the ranking is all guys, so here are the tallest Love Island contestants there have ever been.

15. Davide Sanclimenti  – 6ft2

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2022’s first bombshell and then winner, Davide Sanclimenti, is what the girls would call “tall, dark and handsome” personified. He’s 6ft2.

14. Brad McClelland – 6ft2

Brad McClelland height

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The 2021 villa had a fair few guys who are extremely tall. Kicking them off is labourer Brad, who is 6ft2 in height.

13. Aaron Francis – 6ft2

Aaron Francis height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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2021 Islander and VIP events host, Aaron Francis, stands at 6ft2. He was the equal second tallest guy in his series.

12. Connagh Howard – 6ft2

Connagh Howard

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2020 winter Islander Connagh is a model, so it’s no surprise he’s blessed in the height department. When he entered the villa he described himself as “goofy, laid-back and compassionate” and rated himself as an 8.5. He said he believed his jaw line was his best feature – not the fact that he’s 6ft2.

11. Zachariah Noble – 6ft3

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As soon as Zachariah entered the summer Love Island 2023 villa, Catherine was talking about how tall he is. So naturally, a lot of us headed to Google to get some answers. I’ll save you a trip, he’s 6ft3.

10. Jack Fowler – 6ft3

Jack Fowler height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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I’m a little shocked that Jack Fowler is this tall? I mean, he did look tall in the villa but something about him just didn’t give me this vibe? He towered over the other season four Islanders, at 6ft3.

9. Shaq Muhammad – 6ft3

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I have to hand it to Shaq, whilst he very much gave off tall energy, and looking back now he did tower over a lot of the other cast members, I don’t actually remember him telling us his height? He’s 6ft3, btw.

8. Tom Clare – 6ft5

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Footballer Tom Clare strolled into the 2023 winter villa and straight away told the girls he’s 6ft5. Naturally, they all swooned. He was the tallest of all the Islanders in that series, and one of many previous cast members who have stood at this height.

7. Ikenna Ekwonna – 6ft5

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Ikenna Ekwonna from the 2022 series was also 6ft5, in case you’re wondering.

6. Adam Collard – 6ft5

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Adam Collard, who was originally on Love Island 2018, turned up in the Love Island 2022 villa as the ultimate bombshell. The girls were straight away commenting on how tall he is – which is 6ft5.

5. Danny Williams – 6ft5

Danny Williams height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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Danny Williams was the second tallest season five Islander, standing at 6ft5. For a while he was coupled up with Arabella, who together would have been the tallest Love Island couple the villa has ever seen.

4. Theo Campbell – 6ft5

Theo Campbell height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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Theo is a professional athlete, so again it’s not a huge surprise he’s in the top three here. I think Jonny made it pretty obvious that Theo towered over the other season three Islanders when he uttered the chaotic words “I wasn’t given a lot of choice because of a certain gigantic bellend” during a recoupling when Theo chose Tyla.

3. Tyler Cruickshank – 6ft5

Tyler Love Island height

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Tyler walked into the 2021 villa with the two other bombshells, Abigail and Georgia, and it was clear he is a man mountain. Straight away, in a pure display of testosterone, he was back to back with fellow tall Islander Liam Reardon, who he is just shorter than.

2. Liam Reardon – 6ft6

Liam Reardon height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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When Liam Reardon joined the 2021 villa, and one of the first topics of conversation he had was about his height – which he probably gets a lot. He revealed that he’s 6ft6, which brings him just short (literally) of the top spot of the tallest Islander ever. The bricklayer said in his initial interview with ITV: “I’m too tall to be a bricklayer, so I’d like to down tools and do a bit of property development.”

1. Ovie Soko – 6ft7

Ovie Soko height: The tallest Love Island contestants and Islanders ever

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No prizes for guessing who comes in the top spot out of all the tallest Love Island contestants ever. Yep, it’s 2019 Islander, mega-tall, mega-hunk basketball player Ovie Soko. Is there any ranking this man isn’t top of? Height? Legend status? The ranking of my heart? He has them all.

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