trivia quiz of Love Island first coupling ceremonies

Quiz: How well do you remember past Love Island first coupling ceremonies?

Sorry I refuse to believe some of these couples were ever a thing


Last night was the first episode of Love Island 2023, which saw the show go back to the traditional coupling, where the Islanders step forward for people they fancy as they enter the villa. Last year, the public was in control of matching the contestants up, and let’s be real, it was hell. A lot of the couples who are first put together hardly ever last, so this quiz is going to test how well you actually remember the first coupling ceremonies in Love Island years that have passed.

Can you remember which original Islanders stepped forward for who? Do you remember which couples were together after their first episodes? Did any couples make it right from the first day to the end of the show without breaking up? Some of these really couples and Islanders are a blast from the past, and if you can remember them all, I’m very very impressed. Test your knowledge here – good luck!

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you remember the past Love Island first coupling ceremonies:

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