All the Love Island stars who were already rich well before they went on the show

They don’t need brand deals, let’s put it that way


Loads of the cast of Love Island over the years have gone on to become millionaires following their time in the villa. However, there are a select few Islanders who definitely didn’t need Love Island to make them rich, as they’ve been surrounded by money way before they applied to be on the show.

The Love Island villa has housed heirs, self-made millionaires and people with hugely famous family members. Here’s a full rundown of all the Love Island stars who were mega rich before they even stepped foot in the villa and gained fame from the show.

Claudia Fogarty

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Claudia’s dad is Carl Fogarty, so it’s no surprise she’s a nepo baby and millionaire heiress. Carl Fogarty MBE won I’m A Celeb in 2014 and is a former motorcycle racer – he has a casual £39million fortune. Claudia is a fashion boutique owner, and went to a really fancy private school. She also enjoys holidays in Monaco and Mykonos regularly.

Gemma Owen

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

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Gemma Owen was only 19 when she entered the villa, but had spent her whole life surrounded by money. She is the daughter of England football legend Michael Owen, and the family have a net worth of around £54million. Gemma lives at home, in a £4million mansion in Cheshire.

Before the show she was flaunting her boujie life, including posting pictures of her holidays around the world and all her designer clothes and handbags. Oh, and you know that necklace she was wearing in the villa every day? Just that is worth £20k.

She also owned her own business before the show, a swimwear brand called OG Beachwear, so she’s making her own money too!

Davide Sanclimenti

via Instagram @davidesancli

Davide had a net worth of £1million before he entered the villa. He is a business owner, and has worked as the owner and director of a shisha company. Off the back of how successful he has become, he had millionaire status way before winning the show with Ekin-Su.

Antigoni Buxton

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

via Instagram @antigoni

Antigoni is a north London rich gal, through and through. She was brought up in East Finchley in a house that looks, well, massive. It has what looks to be a sauna and an ice bath in the back garden. Her mum is Tonia Buxton, a famous TV chef, author and regular on GB News.

Both before and after her time on Love Island, Antigoni Buxton lived a life where she has rubbed shoulders with celeb pals – recently pictured with the likes of Aitch, Chunkz and Roman Kemp. She went to private school too, naturally.

Charlie Radnedge

via Instagram @charlieradnedge

Charlie has sooooo many things that point towards him being rich rich. He went to private school, and not just any old one – The Oratory School in Oxfordshire, which is a fancy boarding school with current fees of up to £13k per term. He’s also a rugby boy, and is best mates with the cast of Made in Chelsea.

He literally said in his Love Island intro that he loves to take a girl for a few cocktails up the Kings Road, and all of his Instas from before the villa are of him on skiing holidays. I rest my case.

Liam Reardon

via Instagram @liamreardon1

It looks as though 2021 winner Liam was rich before the show, as he’s recently shared that he grew up a £1million family home. Sharing that the house is now up for sale, Liam posted on Instagram saying: “So that bitter sweet time has come, my family home is now up for sale. This is the only house I’ve ever lived in up until I moved to Essex. All of my life living there and what a special time it was. I can only admire the amount of work my parents have put into this house over the years. It has been a wonderful family home for all of us who lived there, but now it’s time for a new family to make new memories in.”

The house has been put on the market for £900k, and boasts five bedrooms, a pool, a summer house, a home-gym and three stables. Casual!

Hugo Hammond

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

Going to Brookes uni is an automatic admission to being posh. One of Hugo’s mates from before Love Island even called him a “posh knobhead” when asked to describe him. Standard. The school Hugo did his PE teacher placement at before the villa was a fancy boarding school which costs £36,960 per year, so it’s safe to say he’s has been around money for a while.

Priya Gopaldas

via Instagram @priyagopaldas

Priya attended the North London Collegiate School which costs £7,436 per term for students in the secondary school. She was a medical student when she entered the villa, and wouldn’t stop telling everyone how smart and fancy she is. Literally her words, not mine.

Chuggs Wallis

via Instagram @chuggswallis

Chuggs! If you have a posh boy nickname I’m not sure I need to give you any more proof he’s rich, but I shall. Chuggs attended Reeds School, which is an all-boys boys private boarding school costing £11,640 per term. He’s from Surrey (shock), owns a bucket hat company (even more of shock) AND he went to Brookes (I’m out of shock).

There’s more! Chuggs’ Instagram is full of pics of him out in the country in his Land Rover and he once made a cameo in Made in Chelsea. He ticks every box on the rich boy bingo card.

Tommy Fury

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

via Instagram @tommyfury

Tommy Fury comes from an iconic boxing family, so naturally, money. His brother is the heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury has a reported net worth of between £100million and £120million, so it’s probably a fair assumption to say Tommy would have been enjoying some of that.

Ollie Williams

via Instagram @olliesjwilliams

Ollie Williams. Where to even begin with dear old Ollie Williams. A very posh RoHo student and rugby captain who went on Love Island, and was dumped within a couple of days. He’s reportedly the heir to his family home, the Lanhydrock Estate in Cornwall, and will become the Lord of the Manor after his father dies or abdicates. Ollie Williams’ home is worth £9million.

Plus, growing up he attended the Truro School in Cornwall, which costs £10,325 per term to board there for senior school.

Dani Dyer

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

via Instagram @danidyerxx

Probably one of the most famous Love Island family members is that of 2018 cast member, Dani Dyer. Her dad is actor Danny Dyer. Danny is believed to have had a net worth of £4million as Dani went into the villa, and Dani had already made a name for herself on Survival of the Fittest.

Charlie Brake

via Instagram @charliebrake1

Charlie Brake is the poshest, and probably the richest, person to ever step foot in the Love Island villa. End of. To start, he is literally a millionaire, and he was before Love Island. You can’t lie with the fact the Love Islander said his family company was worth £400 million. However, according to The Telegraph, Brakes was sold to the US food company Sysco Corporation from Bain Capital Private Equity for £2.2billion – so he’s sold himself a little short there!

He’s in line to get the millions and millions (maybe billions) of family money in inheritance. He said: “My grandfather founded a food distribution company called Brakes which my family own and we sold it so everyone is well looked after. I visit my Dad in Monaco a lot and spend a lot of time in the French Alps.”

He also went to a £14k a year private school, so has never known anything but money.

Tina Stinnes

Love Island stars who were rich before the show

via Instagram @tinastinnes

All signs point towards Chelsea girl Tina being rich before she appeared on the second season of Love Island. Kady McDermott called her a “basic Made in Chelsea bitch” because of how posh she was on the show, and then she literally… got cast in Made in Chelsea. Iconic moves if you ask me.

She previously dated the son of Baroness Scotland, Matthew Mawhinney, and she dated Spencer Matthews. She also had her own clothing brand before she was on Love Island. Whilst I can’t be sure, it’s screaming rich.

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