love island couples lasted quiz

Can you remember how long these Love Island couples lasted? Take this quiz to find out

Wait, Paige and Finn split after how many years?


We’ve recently had the shocking news Paige and Finn and Samie and Tom from Love Island have split up. But without spoiling the quiz you know is coming very soon, there are many other Love Island couples who lasted only a matter of months after leaving the villa.

Don’t get me wrong, there are a fair few couples who are still together. And, lots of couples have stayed together for a pretty decent amount of time before calling quits on their villa romances. But do you remember who went the distance and who didn’t? Who had a whirlwind few weeks and ended it all, and who settled down, moved in together and then dramatically announced it was all over? Did winners Liam and Millie stay together for longer than Jack and Dani?

In the quiz below you’ll find out if you actually do remember all the details. All you have to do is successfully say how long the Love Island couples lasted after they left the villa as an item. If you get more than 9/11 then you truly are a Love Island addict and the couples live rent free in your head. Make of that what you will. Good luck!

Take this quiz to see if you actually remember how long these Love Island couples lasted:

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