Meet Liam: The 21-year-old Welsh bombshell entering Love Island tonight

His friends call him ‘Mr steal your girl’ and I can see why 👀

When the first set of bombshells enter the villa, you know the series is getting good. And Love Island 2021 has cranked up a notch with the entrance of new boys Liam and Chuggs.

The boys were teased at the end of the episode last night, and tonight head into the villa and go off on some dates with the girls. So, because you’re obviously dying to know, here’s everything we know about Love Island bombshell, Liam.

Liam in his Love Island promo shoot

Love Island bombshell Liam Reardon is 21 and from Wales

Liam is 21-years-old and from a town in South Wales called Merthyr. When asked why he entered Love Island, he said he’s “struggling” to find a partner, and wants a new girlfriend because it’s “been a while” since he last had one. He said his family would describe him as “loving, caring, very, very fun and a good person to be around.” His friends apparently refer to him as “Mr steal your girl”.

He works as a bricklayer

Liam’s full time job is working as a bricklayer. He also does seasons in Ibiza and was a host of a beach club there. He says through this work he has found a love of meeting new people. For fun he also does boxing and is a keen runner.

The bricklayer life isn’t forever for Liam though. “I’m too tall to be a bricklayer, so I’d like to down tools and do a bit of property development,” he said. “When I’m 30, living somewhere not in the UK. Part of me wants to be wealthy and successful, part of me wants to be living by the beach, run a bar, something on a smaller scale and be happy.”

Liam Reardon: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell entering the villa tonight, age, Instagram, job

via Instagram @liamreardon1

Liam has his eye on Kaz in the Love Island villa

ITV asked Liam who he has his eye on in the villa, and he said it is Kaz. He described her as “really good looking” and said she has a “great personality”. “I’m looking forward to getting to know her. And Chloe – I like her confidence and I’m intrigued to see what she’s about,” he said. When talking about his ideal partner, Liam said: “They have to be fun, outgoing. A big thing for me is independence. I want them to want me, not need me.”

When asked what his ideal date is, Liam added: “It would be in Ibiza. Go to a restaurant, open air, overlooking the sea, jug of sangria and see where the night takes us. That’s the kind of night I like.”

Liam Reardon: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell entering the villa tonight, age, Instagram, job

via Instagram @liamreardon1

He’s DM’d Joanna from Love Island 2019 in the past

He said his celebrity crush is Joanna Chimonides from Love Island 2019. “I did message her before”, he said. “She didn’t answer. She is gorgeous, my type of girl.” He also said he fancies Louisa Johnson from The X Factor and Nicole Scherzinger.

He has 10k followers on Instagram

At the time of publishing, Liam had just over 10k followers on Instagram – which is pretty good for someone who hasn’t been on the show yet. His pictures are mostly him living his Ibiza partying life and pictures with friends and family. His handle is @liamreardon1. 

He used to be blonde and erm, wow

Just LOOK:

Liam Reardon: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell entering the villa tonight, age, Instagram, job

via Instagram @liamreardon1

If you go on his Instagram you might panic that he is married, but it’s just a photoshoot

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