This is where all the Love Island 2021 cast went to university

Chloe went to Liverpool and got a First


Every year, we are reminded of that statistic that it would have been harder to become part of the Love Island 2021 cast than it is to get into a top UK university. Love Island gets quite literally hundreds of thousands of applications for the final cast of 11 and a few bombshells along the way. So, to think that there are Love Island contestants who went to uni as well is, well quite selfish of them really.

They are brains and beauty personified. Destined for clothing ranges with PrettyLittleThing or BoohooMan, millions of Instagram followers, maybe a relationship (very much a maybe) AND they have a degree to fall back on. It’s what dreams are made of.

Here are all the Love Island 2021 cast members who are at or went to university, and what they studied.

Liberty Poole

Liberty Poole: Where all of the Love Island 2021 cast went to university and the degree courses they studied

via Instagram @libertypoolex

Liberty is currently studying Marketing at Birmingham City University. She started her degree in 2019, and it ends in 2023. According to her LinkedIn, she is “aiming for a First”.

Aaron Francis

Aaron Francis: Where all of the Love Island 2021 cast went to university and the degree courses they studied

via Instagram @aaronfranciis

Aaron studied at the University of Birmingham from 2015 to 2019. He graduated with a degree in International Relations and Economics. According to his LinkedIn, he was part of a few societies at uni, including Arts, Politics and Economics.

He told the Daily Mail that when he graduated his parents had a plan for him to get into finance. But, after doing a placement in his second and third year, Aaron decided finance wasn’t the route he wanted to pursue.

Kaz Kamwi

Kaz Kamwi: Where all of the Love Island 2021 cast went to university and the degree courses they studied

via Instagram @kazkamwi

Kaz went to Birmingham City University and studied Sociology. She now works full time as a fashion influencer and blogger.

Sharon Gaffka

Sharon Gaffka, degree, uni

via Instagram @sharongaffka

Sharon is currently studying for a law degree from the University of London. According to LinkedIn she studies at Birkbeck, The University of London, having started in 2018 on a part-time course which is due to end in 2022.

Hugo Hammond

Hugo Hammond: Where all of the Love Island 2021 cast went to university and the degree courses they studied

via Instagram @hugo_hammond_

Hugo attended Oxford Brookes University and studied Sports Coaching, graduating in 2019. According to pals, he thought of himself as a bit of a BNOC whilst there.

A friend told the Daily Mail: “Hugo really thought he was the bees’ knees and aimed to make a name for himself at university. He’s bragged about his female conquests but they certainly weren’t the ones bragging afterwards. Hugo was a divisive figure to say the least, some people liked him, while others thought he was just a posh knobhead.”

Chloe Burrows

Chloe Burrows: Where all of the Love Island 2021 cast went to university and the degree courses they studied

via Instagram @chloe__burrows

Chloe is another of the Love Island 2021 cast members who has a degree, having graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2018. On the day of her graduation, she posted a picture on Instagram which was captioned: “This is my graduation picture cos the outfit was so ugly. FIRST CLASS degree in Marketing.” She has since gone on to become a financial services marketing executive.

Chloe has also very openly discussed feeling so much more confident after she had a boob job just after uni, going from a 32A to a 32D. “I always wanted my boobs done, genuinely I just never had boobs”, she said. “If I put a bra on, it was a joke. Even the smallest of bras, at one point I was at university and 20 and I bought a 14-year-old’s bra from New Look because I needed a strapless one and there wasn’t any. I wouldn’t even say a 32A, and now I’m a 32D. I love them.”

Chuggs Wallis

Chuggs Wallis

via Instagram @chuggswallis

Chuggs went to Oxford Brookes and graduated last year, having started his Business and Management degree in 2016. He got a 2:1, naturally here for a 2:1 and a good time. Whilst at uni, he played rugby for both Brookes Union and league 1st teams. Speaking to ITV, he said he felt that the pandemic had taken away some of his uni experience. “Half of my last year of uni was taken away and we had so many fun plans. With Covid and the pandemic, I feel like I’ve missed a year of my youth,” he said.

Rachel Finni

via Instagram @rayfinn

When she entered the villa, 29-year-old luxury travel specialist Rachel said she went to the University of Kent in Canterbury. It’s not known what she studied there.

Millie Court

via Instagram @milliegracecourt

Bombshell Millie has a degree from Ravensbourne University in London. She studied Fashion Buying and Brand Management from 2015 to 2018 and graduated with a 2:1. On her LinkedIn she lists the topics covered in her degree as: Buying, trend forecasting, merchandising, visual merchandising, branding and promotion.

Tyler Cruickshank

via Instagram @tylercruickshank_

Tyler studied Law at St Mary’s University in London. According to his LinkedIn, he was there from 2015 to 2018 and graduated with a 2:1. He’s listed his activities and societies at uni as playing football semi-pro, being a “regular gym goer” and as being part of the law society. At his graduation, Tyler posted on Instagram saying: “Officially a Law graduate, it’s been a crazy journey but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world, I don’t really post much about my personal life but just know I’m not just a pretty face”.

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