Meet Lucinda: The Love Island bombshell whose ex is a Premiership footballer

She’s 21 and says she ‘really fancies’ Brad 👀

It’s beginning to look like the producers for Love Island 2021 have a backlog of at least 100 bombshells ready to go into the villa this year, because last night teased the arrival of two more – Lucinda and Millie.

Lucinda looks like she has the recipe for someone who could really stir things up in the villa. She’s got her eye on a few of the guys, and has a juicy backstory of once dating a footballer.

Here’s everything you need to know about new Love Island 2021 bombshell, Lucinda Strafford.

Lucinda in her Love Island promo shoot

New Love Island bombshell Lucinda is 21 and from Brighton

Lucinda Strafford is 21 and lives in Brighton with her family. When asked why she signed up to Love Island, she said: “I’m a relationship kind of girl. The timing is right and I want to have some fun.”

She owns her own online fashion boutique

Lucinda owns The Luxe Range, a clothing boutique with nearly 22k followers on Instagram. It sells women’s clothing, ranging from going out dresses to loungewear, swimwear and shoes. She is said to want to appear on Love Island as a platform for her brand as much as herself. A source told the Sun: “She’s going in to plug her business. She wants fame and money – she’s always wanted to be a celebrity. She’s trying to become an influencer, she wants to do it for her business.”

Lucinda also used to work as cabin crew, but was reportedly made redundant during the pandemic. She’s met a few celebs who she has flied with, including Dannii Minogue, Usain Bolt and Nick Grimshaw. “They were all so fun. They were pressing the call button and specifically asking for me,” she said.

Lucinda Strafford: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell arrival

via Instagram @lucindastrafford

Out of all the Love Island boys, Lucinda says she ‘really fancies’ Brad

When asked who she has her on eye in the villa, Lucinda said: “I really fancy Brad. And then possibly Liam. But obviously I’m open to getting to know any of the other boys. I feel like Brad probably doesn’t like people as much as he’s letting on.”

When asked about who she thinks she’d get on with out of the girls, Lucinda said she reckons she’d get on with Liberty and added: “I like Kaz, she seems really bubbly. I can tell Faye can stand up for herself, but I also quite like that about her. So I don’t feel like we’ll rub against each other. There’s none that I think that I won’t get along with just yet. But I’ll need to be with them 24/7 to know if I will get along with them or not.”

Lucinda doesn’t care if her family see her cracking on with boys on Love Island

Most of the Islanders get a little embarrassed over the thought of their parents watching them in bed with people and kissing strangers in challenges, but Lucinda really doesn’t seem phased by that at all. When asked about snogging on camera, she said: “I’m fine about it. It’s only just laughs. I do think to myself, my whole family are at home watching, but then again it’s literally just a laugh. I’m 21, I’m just having fun.”

She added that her family are “so happy” for her about being on the show. “I live with my mum and one of my brothers – my brother is so funny, he’s so happy for me,” she said.

Lucinda Strafford: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell arrival, Instagram

via Instagram @lucindastrafford

Lucinda was a rumoured contestant before the Love Island 2021 cast was announced

Lucinda was rumoured to be part of the 2021 cast list just before the real lineup was announced. Producers are said to have approached her before and then she agreed to go on.

Her ex is a Premiership footballer

Lucinda Strafford is reportedly the ex-girlfriend of Brighton & Hove Albion winger Aaron Connolly, who the Sun reported as being filmed cheating on Lucinda with a girl and breaking lockdown restrictions to do so. The pair are said to have split up in the following days, but have been talking again recently and he is nooooot happy about her appearing on Love Island.

When she was rumoured to be going on the show this year, a source confirmed to the Sun: “They’ve [Aaron and Lucinda] seen each other, been at each other’s houses and had dinner, but over the last couple of days she has told a few people she’s going to be on Love Island and now Aaron knows and isn’t very happy. They have argued about her going in.

“Aaron’s really upset and really annoyed about it. They were together for two years and then broke up. He was seeing other people and she was jealous, but over the past few months they’ve been seeing each other, going for dinner and reconciling and now he’s found out about Love Island he’s very upset”, the source continued. “In the last few weeks they’ve been in each other’s pockets, but the TV show will change all that.”

Lucinda Strafford: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell arrival

via Instagram @lucindastrafford

Lucinda has 66.3k followers on Instagram

At the time of publishing, Lucinda already has 66.3k followers on Instagram – and we haven’t even seen her as an Islander. This could easily be from her being part of the rumoured cast list, though. Her Instagram is basically a collection of pictures of her out at events and bars, and a lot of selfies and outfit pics. She also models a lot of the clothing made for her own brand. If you picture the Instagram belonging to someone who is Love Island villa prepared, Lucinda has exactly that. Her handle is @lucindastrafford. 

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