Chuggs ‘isn’t surprised’ he left Love Island and wants to go back in for Casa Amor

In the meantime he said he’s making all the Islanders custom bucket hats

Last night saw Chuggs abruptly exit the Love Island 2021 villa. His time was short lived, and tbh we didn’t learn much about him other than that his real name is Oliver and Chuggs just means cuddles and hugs.

It was bombshell Rachel’s task to get to know him and Brad, and then decide who she wanted to couple up with, which would end in the other being dumped. She chose Brad, leaving Chuggs packing his bags before he’d probably even fully unpacked them.

Here’s everything Chuggs had to say in his exit interview, about his time on Love Island 2021.

Chuggs Wallis exit interview after leaving the Love Island 2021 villa last night

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Chuggs said everyone in the villa was ‘so friendly’ and he would have tried to crack on with Liberty

When asked how he felt when he first arrived in the villa, he said everyone was “so friendly” to him and made him feel welcome. “The guys came up to us, gave lots of love,” he said. “Really nice, genuine guys in there. The girls are also really nice, came over and said hi. When the guys come out I’d like to meet up with them all.”

He added that Faye was his favourite Islander, but not in a romantic way. He said: “I thought it would be all cool to go in there and step on toes and ruffle feathers and stuff… I would have done if I thought people weren’t matched right. Liberty would be the one I’d most go for out of everyone in there, I chatted to her, but she likes Jake. And Jake is such a nice guy. I think out of everyone in there, those two will go the distance.”

Chuggs also had a lot of nice things to say about Jake, adding: “I love Jake because he’s a year older than me, he’s already got a house, he is really driven, he works hard. He doesn’t give himself credit – he thinks he’s not smart, he’s smart, he’s got common sense, life knowledge. He was really supportive and so interested in the fact that I’ve started my own business.”

Chuggs Wallis exit interview after leaving the Love Island 2021 villa last night

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He said that Hugo ‘loves a night out’

When Chuggs entered the villa, it was clear he and teacher Hugo Hammond knew each other from their uni days at Oxford Brookes together. Chuggs said he didn’t get to spend as much time with him there as he would have wanted to, but explained they were in the same extended friendship group. “He was cricket, I was rugby. We’ve got a lot of mutual mates. Hugo loves a night out,” he said.

He added: “I thought it was going to be me and Hugo in the bottom two to be honest. Not that he would have deserved to have been there. I think he’ll do really well in there. He’s got a really great personality, he’s presenting himself well, he’s had a nice little glow up. Once some more girls walk through hopefully he’ll be given the opportunity to get to know them.”

‘I wasn’t surprised to be in the bottom two’

When asked about his swift departure, Chuggs said: “I wasn’t surprised to be in the bottom two. I didn’t really have a thing with anyone in there.” He added that Rachel is a “gorgeous girl”, saying she was “interesting to talk to” and they “had stuff in common” and their “values were in line”.

“When I was stood at the fire pit, I thought, if she does pick me, I can see us getting on really well”, he said. “I was envisioning all these nice things I would have done for her the next day, relax a bit together and chat. We could have developed our relationship whether romantically or as a friendship – it was just early days.”

Chuggs doesn’t seem bitter of the recoupling, saying he “doesn’t blame” Rachel for picking Brad. “When she was saying her speech about values being aligned, I was thinking, that could be me. But no, it wasn’t meant to be,” he added.

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Yes, the Crocs do belong to him

We all saw him parading around the villa rocking his Crocs – so of course ITV asked him about them. Chuggs said: “I wear Crocs all the time. I just find it funny. It just makes me laugh. I’ve become so comfortable wearing them in lockdown, I’ve started wearing them in public. I don’t care. I love the colour of them. And those little emoji things on them make me laugh. It’s not a fashion thing, it’s more it just amuses me. They are my own, I brought them in.”

Chuggs Wallis exit interview after leaving the Love Island 2021 villa last night

via ITV

Chuggs is planning on making bucket hats for all the Islanders and Iain Stirling

When he entered the villa, we found out that Chuggs owns a bucket hat business called Booby Buckets. He said when he gets home he’s making customised hats for the Islanders and voiceover Iain Stirling. “They’ve been requesting their specific types. Toby designed one out of thin air!,” he said.

He backs Jake and Liberty, and wants to head back into the villa himself 👀

Chuggs concluded that Liberty and Jake are “easily the strongest” couple and are the couple he is backing. Chuggs then said, despite his early exit, he’d like to go back into the Love Island villa, saying: “I’d go back after more bombshells have gone in. Casa Amor would be the perfect time to go back in.”

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