Ok so Chuggs was actually in an episode of Made in Chelsea before Love Island!

This is definitely more his vibe

When posh-boy Chuggs Wallis entered the Love Island 2021 villa, instantly people questioned if his vibe was more Made in Chelsea and if he’d accidentally applied for the wrong reality show. And it turns out our inclinations weren’t wrong from the truth at all, because before villa life he did actually make a cameo on MIC!

The 23-year-old was on Made in Chelsea series 17 back in 2019. His appearance is fleeting to the say the least, and comes when Amelia and Verity went to a speed dating event. One of the people who Amelia is set up with is Chuggs himself. We don’t get to see much of their very quick date, which clearly didn’t go anywhere, but Chuggs asks her what brings her to a speed dating event, and he says that what has brought him there is “desperation”. Yikes.

Love Island contestant Chuggs Wallis in an episode of Made in Chelsea

via E4

When he entered the Love Island villa, Chuggs said he had his eyes on Liberty, Chloe and Faye – and Amelia from Made in Chelsea is also blonde, so he is definitely showing what his type is.

Since then, he clearly still hasn’t had much luck on the dating scene and said that he is hoping to find a girlfriend on Love Island who can be his “best friend”. “I need someone who is going to muck in with my brothers, my family”, he said. “I’ve got a mate who has a girlfriend, she plays rugby, golf.. everything with us. She’s great, she gets involved. I want something like that.”

He now has his own bucket hat business and a degree from Oxford Brookes, so maybe that will make him a little more of catch? If you really want to watch his appearance, it comes in series 17, episode 10. Blink and you might miss it.

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