Enter the chat Chuggs: Love Island bombshell who owns a bucket hat business

He went to Brookes and played rugby, and may or may not have a trust fund

Love Island has just got juicy. Faye is kicking off, Shannon got booted out and the Love Island producers have already blessed us with two new arrivals – Chuggs and Liam.

We got a brief glimpse of the two new boys last night, and Twitter literally erupted when “Chuggs” was presented on our screens. People were questioning his name (obviously) and wondering if he’d sent his Made in Chelsea application to Love Island by accident. But here we are, and he’s about to become a regular face in your 9pm TV viewing.

Here’s everything we know about new Love Island 2021 contestant, Chuggs Wallis. And yes, he is everything you expect from a uni boy called Chuggs.

Chuggs in his Love Island promo shoot

New Love Island bombshell Chuggs is 23 and from Surrey and may or may not drink beer very quickly

Chuggs Wallis is 23-years-old and from Surrey. His real name probably isn’t actually Chuggs, and I would bet a lot of money on the fact that it is actually a nickname he was given at uni because he can down pints.

When asked why he signed up for Love Island, Chuggs said: “I just feel like it’s now or never. I’m only 23 but I’m scared of ageing. Especially as half of my last year of uni was taken away and we had so many fun plans. With Covid and the pandemic, I feel like I’ve missed a year of my youth, so I’m really gagging to get it all back – make the most of it.”

Chuggs Wallis: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell, his age, Instagram, where from and bucket hat business

via Instagram @chuggswallis

When asked how his family and friends would describe him, Chuggs said: “My parents would say I’m pretty responsible as I’m the oldest of three boys. I’ve always been the one that does everything first and the others follow. And then they get better than me, which isn’t fun. I’m pretty driven. In terms of being entrepreneurial I’ve always been like that. My mates would describe me as a solid mate. Everyone always comes to me for advice. I’m always the one organising things for everyone too. I put together the funnest nights out that we’ve had, hosting parties at home, pub crawls.”

He owns a bucket hat business which is actually called ‘Booby Buckets’

Chuggs owns a business where he makes customised bucket hats, and it’s called “Booby Buckets”. Yes, really. In quite classic form, he founded the business in lockdown after he had designed his own bucket hats for a pub crawl. “Whilst doing so I thought I might may as well ask the rugby boys at uni if they too would like some customised bucket hats”, Wallis told The Tab. “I have played rugby for both Brookes Union and league 1st teams so knew the lads well. They were very keen and so I put in an order for them”.

After this, his brand Booby Buckets was born. All of its products are 100 per cent premium cotton, using exclusively recycled and sustainable materials down to even the mail bags being fully biodegradable.

Chuggs studied Business and Management at Brookes

If you hadn’t already guessed that he looked like the kind of guy to study business, we can confirm he did. He graduated last year, having started his Business and Management degree at Oxford Brookes in 2016. He got a 2:1, naturally here for a 2:1 and a good time.

Out of the Love Island girls, Chuggs already knows who he has his eyes on

Speaking to ITV, Chuggs said he has his eye on Liberty, Chloe and Faye – so he clearly has a thing for blondes. He added that his ideal type is “someone to be my best mate”. “I need someone who is going to muck in with my brothers, my family”, he said. “I’ve got a mate who has a girlfriend, she plays rugby, golf.. everything with us. She’s great, she gets involved. I want something like that.”

Chuggs Wallis: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell, his age, Instagram, where from and bucket hat business

via Instagram @chuggswallis

He has 4,700 followers on Instagram

At the time of publishing, Chuggs had 4,700 followers on Instagram. His posts are basically a collection of his mad uni days and holidays. If you want to follow him his handle is @chuggswallis. 

He’s posh, like real posh

See picture evidence here:

Chuggs Wallis: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell, his age, Instagram, where from and bucket hat business

via Instagram @chuggswallis

There is a 90 per cent chance that if he gets to the final he will steal the £50k

Just from looking at Chuggs, you can tell he doesn’t mess around. He’s here for drama and carnage. This is like what Ollie Williams would have been like last year, had he not still been in love with his ex. If for some mad reason Chuggs manages to make it to the final, he’s bagging that £50k and running. He’s not here for love. This is an investment.

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