Leah Whiting

Editor-in-Chief at The Tab Cambridge

Leah Whiting
Cambridge University

University life, opinions, student culture, current affairs, news, history, languages, theatre, reviews, politics, social media

  • Leah Whiting is currently Editor-in-Chief of The Tab Cambridge, overseeing a team of senior editors and assisting writers in developing ideas and their writing styles
  • Leah is predominantly an Opinions writer, but has written articles for various sections of The Tab
  • Leah is passionate about reflecting broader student opinions and encouraging conversations about various aspects of the university experience


During her first year at Cambridge, Leah Whiting started writing for The Tab in October 2022 as an Opinions Writer, becoming Senior Opinions Editor in October 2023 and Editor-in-Chief in April 2024.


Leah Whiting is currently studying History & Modern Languages (BA) at Homerton College at the University of Cambridge. She completed A levels in English, History, and German.


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