Who is Rachel Finni? The luxury travel specialist and Love Island bombshell

She once met George Clooney through her work

Is it just me or is Love Island moving at around 100mph this year? We’re a week in and already we’ve had a shock dumping, recouplings and three bombshells. The latest new arrival in the Love Island 2021 villa is Rachel Finni.

Her arrival came with a lot of drama, in 24 hours Rachel was tasked with picking between coupling up with Brad or Chuggs, and whoever she doesn’t choose will be another untimely dumping from the villa.

Here’s everything we know about Love Island 2021 bombshell, Rachel Finni.

Rachel in her Love Island promo shoot

Love Island bombshell Rachel is 29-years-old and from London

Rachel is 29, making her the eldest of the current contestants in the villa right now. She’s from London, and when asked why she wanted to go on Love Island this year, Rachel said: “It’s a combination of two things – I’ve always been a fan of the show. It’s a great experience, you meet great people. I’m someone who loves to live my life to the best.

“I’ve scraped the bottom of the dirtiest barrels, that’s how I describe my dating life. So I thought ‘why not? Let’s apply. If it happens, it happens.’ I think it’s an amazing way to spend the last year of my 20s, doing something that fulfils me emotionally as well. It’s more than going on Love Island for the sake of it. I’m doing it because I love the show and I need someone to marry me.”

Rachel Finni: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell contestant, her age, job, Instagram

via Instagram @rayfinn

Before the Love Island villa, Rachel was working as a luxury travel specialist

Rachel has already spoken about her job a little bit, and it sounds absolutely wild. It basically sounds as though she organises luxury holidays and travel events for the rich and famous – occasionally meaning she can go and do them herself too. Talking about her job with ITV, Rachel said: “We had a rock star staying at one of our hotels once and we managed to open up the ceiling just so we could get a Baby Grand Piano in there for them.” She also said she’s met George Clooney before, when she was in a lift with him and his wife, Amal. She described him as “very friendly”.

She is ‘independent and spontaneous’

When asked how friends and family would describe her, Rachel said: “Very, very independent. I don’t rely on anyone for anything. I’m very caring and spontaneous and creative.” She added that she is “so excited about dating” and “ready to date in the most unconventional way”.

Rachel Finni: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell contestant, her age, job, Instagram

via Instagram @rayfinn

Rachel already has her eye on a couple of the Love Island boys

Heading into the villa, it looks like Rachel fancies a bit of Aaron, Hugo and Toby. “Aaron is very attractive and seems down to earth,” she said. “Our jobs are similar so I think we’d have interesting conversations.” She added that Hugo seems “like boyfriend material” and is “handsome and charming”, saying she would “like to crack his shell a bit more”.  She described Toby as “attractive and cheeky” saying she’d “definitely have a lot of fun with him” but needs “to see if he’s worth pursuing.”

Talking about her dating life, she said: “I love the way modern relationships are. I don’t need a man for anything. I can buy my own home and take care of myself. I just love knowing I have another person there that I’m going through life with. But I genuinely have no type. As long as you are sexy, smell nice, don’t bite your nails or chew loudly, have me!”

Her celebrity crush is Calvin Harris and her ideal date is something that is a “complete surprise”. “I wouldn’t want to know it was coming. Like a scavenger hunt, you go somewhere whether it’s a nice restaurant or somewhere candle lit,” she said. “You’re having a laugh and then you go home and you have dessert or watch your favourite film and then rip your clothes off or whatever!”

Rachel Finni: Meet the new Love Island 2021 bombshell contestant, her age, job, Instagram

via Instagram @rayfinn

She has 16.7k followers on Instagram

At the time of publishing, Rachel had just under 17k followers on Instagram. It looks as though she’s cleaned up her profile ahead of appearing on the show as she hardly has any posts, and they are all just selfies. Her handle is @rayfinn.

And no, Rachel has no idea what coq au vin is

Everyone was equally as confused when Rachel was chatting with Brad, and dead cert said to him that coq au vin is duck in wine when she was explaining that she has great culinary knowledge. It’s not, it’s chicken, but Brad didn’t question it at all.

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