Take this quiz and find out if you’re more ALDI or Lidl

It’s the battle of the middle aisles

Good old British supermarkets, with stale bread and no concept of the “middle aisle”, are not in fashion. If you’ve been paying attention for the past five years, we’re all in the grip of Aldi and Lidl. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

While one specialises in somehow-legal brand ripoffs, and the other goes a bit more extravagant with its random tat, they’re the yin and yang of budget supermarkets. Stepping foot in one is to find your identity. Most people go to both, and are perfectly fine with that. But what if you had to choose?

What if you absolutely had to discover which one you were? That’d be hard, right. But it’s not hard if there’s a simple, 11 question quiz. And there is – this one.


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