A definitive list of Aldi’s best and worst rip-offs

For those of us who have already blown our student loans six weeks into uni

Grocery shopping has always been a source of great joy for me – until the harsh reality of shopping and cooking for myself kicked in this year. Little did I know that my favourite things in life – strawberries, lemon and lime marmalade, and camembert – would be so unbelievably out of my price range.

So inevitably, life has been reduced to supermarket price comparisons, meticulously scanning reduced sections, and even occasionally venturing to Cameron Toll to make the most of the bargains Aldi has to offer. Because, as we all know, you won't find Wheat Shreds and a miniature car hoover anywhere else.

Are there any disadvantages to this haven of low prices and remarkably familiar branding? Some may say their own-brand rice tastes of cardboard. Some may scorn the cashiers for their rapid-fire scanning, as they leave the store dazed and breathless. But I wonder, do these people know that the tastiest cereal ever made might be just 89p?

Mint Bubbly vs Aero

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Dairyfine or DairyNEIN? You decide. But make sure to prepare yourself for added flavours, sugars, additives – all the good stuff.

Splitpots vs Müller Corner

You can't go wrong with these crunchy treats. Not only do they taste the same as a classic Müller Corner, but they feature a NEW LOOK! I wonder where they got their inspiration from?

Abbott & Broome vs Molton Brown

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I mean, what's not to like? It smells good, it washes your hands. Lather rating probably a seven out of 10, not bad for 79p.

Nutoka vs Nutella

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If you don't mind settling for second best, this is the spread for you. Slightly thinner, and with less of that WOW factor of Nutella, Nutoka will give you a satisfactory start to your day – not the best, but it'll do.

Craze vs Krave

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Harvest Moon, forever giving Kellogg's a run for their money. Although slightly smaller than their more famous counterpart, Krave, these chocolatey pillows are really quite delicious. Go crazy and make the long and perilous journey to Cameron Toll, if only for this bargain.

Racer vs Snickers

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Aldi has taken a slightly more subtle approach with this one, but taste-wise the Racer is identical to a Snickers. The bars are very "snack-sized" but fully worth the 59p nonetheless.

Whirlz vs Twister

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This Twister imitation is another godsend from Aldi. Tastes like the real thing, also melts just as quickly. Gianni's Ices, pulling out all the stops in the frozen aisle.

Mint Sticks vs Matchmakers

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Ah, Matchmakers. The arms of Mini Roll men, the cigarettes to take the edge off year three homework. If only I had discovered these Mint Sticks earlier, because they're more minty and more crunchy than the old Matchmaker can ever hope to be.

Mini Cheese Bakes vs Mini Cheddars

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"Bursting with cheese"? I think not. These Mini Cheese Bakes definitely did not satisfy my cheese cravings, and what's more, the packets are only HALF FILLED.

Seal Bars vs Penguin Bars

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Penguins, seals – they're all the same right? These Seal Bars did not live up to the reputation of their famous cousins, overwhelmingly sugary and again, very small. Most importantly, there are no seal jokes on the wrapper. Shocking performance, Belmont Biscuits.

Taurus Dark Fruits vs Strongbow Dark Fruits

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These shameless Strongbow rip offs may be cheap af, but don't be fooled. They taste like strawberry yoghurt, and you'll end up drinking pure alcohol which has settled to the bottom. Unfortunately, I can't recommend shaking before use either.

Älska vs Rekorderlig

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Honestly, I would recommend anything strawberry and lime flavoured. Supposedly a Swedish company, älska offers these beverages for just £1.49 each.

London Dry Gin vs Gordon's Gin

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This gin is really what you would expect from a £9.99 Aldi rip off. Would not recommend taking shots of this, but add a whole lot of Fanta Fruit Twist and you'll be grand.

Grove Manor vs Echo Falls

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If you're looking for the eye-watering, stomach-churning taste of Echo Falls for a cheaper price, look no further. Equally as vile, Grove Manor will guarantee a night you won't remember, for a whole pound less. Aldi, you do it every time.