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Only true heroes can identify HIVE from the review of its loo

Naked massage parties, dressing as children and laundry theft: The secrets of Edinburgh’s cheapest student accommodation

Would you pay £315 a month to live here?

Forget rugby and football, cricketers are the underdog sporting heroes every uni needs

Summer may be over but the cricket boy is here all year

FLY Open Air Festival returns to Edinburgh this weekend

Time to dust off those rave shades

Clubbers of the Week – Freshers’ edition

Edi students are back with a BANG

How I survived first year in a long distance relationship

It’s more than just naughty phone calls

Freshers’ Week doesn’t have to define your first year at university

There’s more to first year than Freshers Week, trust me

PSA: You can now get McDonald’s delivered to your table at Why Not

I’ll have one of everything please

‘My university likes to brush racism under the carpet’ – Why Edinburgh’s complaints process is preventing students from speaking out

Haddy Jeng didn’t hear back for months after experiencing group chat racism

We caught up with Love Island’s Samira to talk Freshers’ advice, how to dress #cutesie, and why she fancies Shrek

I just go in a room and I’m like ‘HEEEEY’

Love Island’s Samira and Frankie are coming to Edinburgh… TOGETHER

This is not a drill

The Tab Edinburgh are recruiting, get involved

We are looking for the finest writers, videographers, illustrators and meme-makers

Here’s The Tab Edinburgh’s guide to the easiest outside courses

Helping you get those longer lie-ins before you’ve even picked your courses

The backlash to pronoun badges shows transphobia is alive and well at Edinburgh

One person said ‘we need a new plague’ in response to the badges

81 per cent voted ‘no’ in The Tab’s pronoun badge poll

Wearing a badge will not be compulsory

EUSA will be handing out pronoun badges at Freshers’ Week

The system will ensure everyone knows whether to refer to one another as ‘he’, ‘she’ or ‘they’

Free sanitary products will be provided to all students in Scotland

The government scheme aims to end period poverty

Still reeling from the strikes? Here’s how to apply for £250 compensation from the University of Edinburgh

All you need to do is fill out this form

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