Edinburgh Napier student halls are covered in same cladding as Grenfell Tower

Many students will be moving in to these halls in September 2017

In 21 years I’d never been racially abused. Now it’s happened twice in two weeks

Hate crimes have risen fivefold since the Manchester attack

Edinburgh Airport ranked as the fifth worst airport in the world in slightly misleading survey

Surely that’s a bit harsh?

22-year-old man charged over Edinburgh sexual assault

The man is expected in court on Wednesday

Lord Buckethead is performing at Bongos tonight


How the election night unfolded in Edinburgh

Never. trust. the. pollsters.

World rankings: Edinburgh a TOP 25 university

…and the best in Scotland, but we knew that already

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year winner revealed

The second most important election of 2017

Edinburgh: Tell us who you’re voting for tomorrow

It’s the final poll

Edinburgh second year pens catchy anti-Theresa May song

“Your strength and your stability lie in your ability to fall through on your promises, that seems like fragility”

Innis and Gunn giving out free beer today in Edinburgh


System error tells hundreds of Edi fourth years that they won’t be graduating


We spoke to Edi MP Ian Murray about student loans, rents and having a lifetime pass to Big Cheese

“I’ve been a lucky accidental politician in the right place at the right time.”

Over ninety sausage dogs gathered together in Edinburgh last week

And all people cared about was Obama

Edinburgh BNOC of the Year: The Final

Who are you going to choose?

Royal Mile voted prettiest street in Scotland

And second prettiest in the UK

Armed police patrols have been ‘doubled’ in Edi since Manchester attack

Police are reviewing every upcoming public event

Edinburgh has it’s own VK Appreciation Society and it’s even better than you’d expect

It has over 600 members

Edinburgh woman faces jail after Opal Lounge glass attack

The woman mistook the victim for someone else and smashed the glass on the wrong person