Romy Bates

Student Contributor

Romy Bates
Edinburgh University

Guides, humour, features, news reporting, Uni lifestyle, Edinburgh, recommendations, relatable, English Lit, advice, sarcasm, wit

  • Romy is currently a Student Contributor for the Tab Edinburgh and enjoys writing guides predominantly, as well as news pieces.
  • Romy is specifically interested in making pieces that appeal to the university student demographic, in both guides and news genres.
  • Romy is particularly passionate about creative writing and writes short stories in her spare time.


Romy Bates began writing articles for the Tab Edinburgh in 2022 during her second year of studying at the University of Edinburgh. She currently contributes primarily to the guides genre.


Romy Bates is in her third year of studying English Literature as an MA Honers at the University of Edinburgh. She is taking courses this year on medieval literature and film.


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