Your ultimate guide to the best lunch spots for students on campus at Edinburgh University

Meal prepping? Who has time for that?

Student life in Edinburgh involves endeavours that drain our time, money, effort and, when it comes to a Friday night in Cowgate, our courage (and overdraft). How can you possibly engage in the scandalous labour of meal prepping when a deadline is on the horizon?

Here is the ultimate list of lunch spots for you to explore when your orange food containers need a rest.

Africano Wrap Place

Have you ever noticed people smiling outside 40 George Square, walking with a brown paper bag, holding what seems to be a delicious wrap? Yep, those joyous figures are walking back from Africano Wrap Place: the quickest and most efficient killer to your hunger.

Do not let the queue outside scare you off – you will be blown away by their rapidity. It is not only super cheap, but will cheer you up during deadline season, I promise. Personally, I recommend the aubergine, hummous and falafel wrap (with spicy sauce obviously).


This place has probably been all over your TikTok fyp ever since you moved to Edi. Look – I am Italian and I fully approve of the pizza served here.

Civerino’s pizzas are so incredibly delicious and cheap – how can you choose your boring pesto pasta over a five quid slice of heaven? They offer student discounts and dopamine and really, what more do you want?

Alby’s Southside

This place was recommended by the coolest person I know studying at Edi – this reason alone should be enough for you to want to check it out. Located on that street I am terrified to mispronounce (Buccleuch), Alby’s serves, as suggested by their instagram handle, big hot sandwiches.

They are not only big and hot, they are absolutely mouth-watering. They might be a bit more expensive than your usual meal deal, but in case you had a bad day and feel like economising your dishwasher liquid and cooking skills, this should be your port of call.


Fettle is simply beautiful. The ambiance, the music and great selection of focaccias and salads provide anyone with the healthiest break from your busy uni life, on every level. The staff there will always greet you with a smile and the venue just radiates positive vibes. It is a true gem.

Max Bakes Gourmet Sausage Rolls

Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard of the legendary haggis sausage roll served by a man I assume is called Max, inside what resembles a cartoon villain’s airship. It is located in the Meadows, right next to Uplands Roast so you cannot miss it.

They do a fantastic meal deal for less than six quid: beverage, delicious chips and spectacular sausage roll. You do not need to adore haggis as much as I do to try them out because they also do veggie and vegan options. This is my absolute favourite lunch spot.

On the Roll

In case you’re a fan of Berlin, techno and unforgettable experiences, you must stop at On The Roll in George Square. Currywurst is just as famous as Berghain, but in Edi you won’t have an endless queue, nor a bouncer making comments on your outfit (unless it is Wednesday and the WWYW people are around).

Currywurst is not for everyone, but I strongly believe you must try it before forming an opinion.

Union of Genius

This is the go to place for those striving to be health queens and kings. They have the best soups in town, they even call them “love in a bowl” on their website – how romantic! I am not vegan, yet I always get their vegan chilli – it is just revolutionary.

Main Library Café

Two words: Tuna melt. I am aware this will cause controversy, but sometimes life throws you lemons (rain) and you cannot be bothered to leave the library to feed your midday hunger. In case you are a tuna melt fan, you must try the Main Library one on a rainy day. It will hit the spot and save you the effort to leave the beloved library so you can truly commit to your study grind. They also, obviously, offer a bunch of other sandwiches and bagels even but these are not worth your time.

I really hope you will check these places out for your future lunch dates, whether they be solo or with the coolest person you know. In case you are a faithful meal prepper, I bet you, at least once, forgot your food container at home and if not – it is bound to happen. So, you’re welcome x

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