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Jess has accused Callum of cheating on her with fellow Love Island star before their split

This breakup just gets messier and messier

After Jess slammed Callum’s behaviour as “unforgivable” following their Love Island breakup, we might finally know exactly what it was that Callum did that means the two “no longer speak.”

According to a source Callum had a fling with Anna-May Robey who appeared on the winter series of Love Island last year whilst he was still in a relationship with Jess. A source told the Mail: “She had learned of Callum’s fling with Anna-May, which came as a complete surprise to her, as far as Jess knew she and Callum were trying to make their romance work outside of the show.

“It was embarrassing how it all played out at a party and Callum proceeded to rub salt in the wound by leaving the venue holding another girl’s hand.”


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However, a source close to Callum has claimed he and Jess had already split before he started casually seeing Anna-May. They explained: “Some of the accusations made against Callum have left him feeling really sad. At the point of leaving Love Island with Jess, they were still two people getting to know each other with the hope of their romance working outside of the show.

“But they didn’t make their relationship official and decided to end things back in March, with Callum believing they parted ways as friends. Callum was never unfaithful to Jess so it has been upsetting for him to hear otherwise.”

Speaking to The Sun about their breakup, Jess explained exactly what went down between the two Love Island stars: “It didn’t fizzle out, things happened and there was this thing at Molly’s clothing event. I found out something prior to the event and something that you can’t really come back from. We don’t speak now and I guess a line has been drawn under that. After certain bits of information came to light, I wouldn’t want to speak to Callum and after that, it was done.”

And it turns out the two aren’t exactly on close terms, with Jess explaining: “I don’t want to hold grudges but it wouldn’t say he is a friend. That wasn’t actually what the issue was, there was something that happened before the event and then that whole leaving with a girl – he didn’t actually leave with that girl.

“That was a separate thing that was a bit strange, but I found out something prior to the event that we discussed at the event. And then from that I decided I didn’t want to speak to Callum again and then obviously there was him pictured with that girl after that event. The next day I looked at the news and saw the headlines ‘Jess and Callum have split after he leaves with a girl at event’, that was a bit unrelated to what happened. But it was all a bit weird.”


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When asked if what Callum did was unforgivable, Jess simply replied: “Yes it is.” As for whether she thinks Callum was faking his feelings for her in the Love Island villa, she clarified: “I don’t think so and I’d like to hope he wasn’t, I think in the villa he was genuine and coming out I don’t think he faked anything.

“He’s not even young, but he’s a typical guy, he was in a relationship for a long time, and he’s just come out of that relationship and is getting a lot of attention and wants to enjoy the attention. I honestly feel like when I first came out I was in a bit of a bubble. I came out with Callum and it was good but we’re not speaking anymore.”

The Tab has contacted representatives for Callum and Anna-May for comment.

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