All the burning hot evidence Love Island: All Stars is staged

Nothing is sacred

Look, since the very day it started people have accused Love Island of being staged, and just like the many series before it, All Stars has been raising these theories yet again.

From dodgy editing errors to the Islanders secretly knowing who they were going to be in the villa with, there have been plenty of points this year which might have left you questioning the show’s authenticity.

Here’s all the evidence so far that Love Island: All Stars has been staged.

Tom and Casey knew they were going to be in the villa together

Despite the idea of a bombshell being that they shock the villa and nobody knows who it’s going to be, surprise surprise, Love Island besties Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman knew they were going to be in the villa together.

Casey previously posted a TikTok, whilst it was just Tom in the villa, saying he was going to miss his best friend. In the clip, Tom is walking with him in the background. “Feeling a bit lost without my Tom Clare” the video was captioned. In it, he said: “Can’t wait to vote him out so I can get him back sooner. All the best, doubt any girls in there are actually going to fancy him. I’ll keep his bed warm for when he comes back.”


Ready for the boys to he reunited tonight😍🌴🤪 @Tom Clare @Love Island #LoveIsland

♬ original sound – Casey O’Gorman

But in another video posted once he’d been announced as a bombshell, Casey clarified that was all a joke, because he and Tom were going to be in there together. Tom is still in the background, and the boys are joking together. “Ready for the boys to be reunited tonight,” the second is captioned. “Right that last TikTok was obviously a joke,” Casey said. “I’m also going in. See you out there! See you in South Africa.”

“So they do know who’s going in then,” someone said in the comments. Another added: “I’m so mad Tom knows.” One other person said: “Tom knew?!!”

A conversation between Toby and Georgia had a huge editing error in it

Evidence Love Island All Stars is staged

via ITV

Every series there are huge editing errors, proving things are shown to us viewers very differently to what actually played out between the Islanders. The first All Stars editing error showed a major conversation between Toby and Georgia before their shock recoupling had been chopped up and edited heavily – so who knows how real it even was.

When Toby and Georgia first started their chat, Georgia was seen with her sunglasses on her head. But then instantly, the camera cut to Toby and then back to Georgia, and her sunglasses had magically disappeared. Later on in the convo, just as quickly as the first time, the sunglasses as if by magic reappeared on her head.

via ITV

Basically, that entire conversation was taken out of context and we’ll never really know what was said, in what order, and how much it played a part in Toby’s decision later on. Maybe it wasn’t all that much of a shock to Georgia after all?

And another chat with Molly and Georgia was highly edited

Evidence Love Island All Stars is staged

via ITV

Just days later, another blunder showed a conversation was made to look a certain way to viewers. The new error came as Molly and Georgia sat around the mini firepit to talk about their differences. As they sat down, Molly placed her personalised Love Island water bottle up on the wall behind her.

The girls were talking about how “history is history” and Molly was saying she now understood why Georgia had been upset over Toby, and Georgia admitted it had been a bit hasty to compare their history to Molly and Callum’s three years.

via ITV

But then, as Molly told Georgia she had hurt people and had the potential to hurt more people if she carried on, the water bottle was gone! The camera then panned out and the water bottle was on the sofa, next to Molly’s leg. It grew legs! Molly didn’t even touch it!

Hannah and Liberty have said producers made them re-film a bunch of scenes

Evidence Love Island All Stars is staged

via ITV

Hannah and Liberty have shared that a bunch of scenes for All Stars were filmed over again, which isn’t exactly natural, is it? Hannah said the segment where the Islanders arrived in Jeeps was filmed multiple times, but the girls added some conversations were, too.

Liberty explained: “Me and Han, we were getting our nails done in the villa and I was chatting. You know like when you’re getting your nails done with the nail technician and we were having a goss? They did make us redo that chat because they can’t film us getting our nails done on the show.”

She added: “If we started chatting about the boys, producers would just shout at us right away, ‘Stop the chat! Change the chat!’”

Hannah was seen putting her lipstick on with the lid on, and people thought producers had just stuck her in the room


Why is hannah applying lipstick with the lid on? Is this a technique ive mossed pushing in the profuct from the other gloss shes using or something?? Or did production tell her to look busy hahaha #loveisland #lovelslandallstars #hannah #mac #lipstick

♬ original sound – Micha Bridie

During one scene in the girls’ dressing room, Hannah was seen applying her lipstick with the lid still on. Lol. Someone on TikTok pointed out the awkward blunder, and questioned if Hannah had just been placed there by production and asked to look busy, maybe so to pad out the conversation between Molly and Georgia which had been happening at the time.

Posting the clip on TikTok, someone said: “Why is Hannah applying lipstick with the lid on? Is this a technique I’ve missed? Or did production just ask her to look busy?”

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