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Hannah Elizabeth reveals all the Love Island: All Stars scenes producers made them re-shoot

In case you needed any more evidence it’s all staged

So at this point, there’s already a lot of evidence Love Island: All Stars is pretty staged with producers making hilarious editing errors and telling cast members what to say. And now Hannah Elizabeth and Liberty have revealed all the Love Island: All Stars scenes producers made them re-shoot.

In an interview with Closer, Liberty and Hannah explained that one of the very first scenes they had to re-shoot was in the very first episode where all the Islanders arrive in the open-top jeeps. Hannah explained: “Walking out of that car.” They do look flawless when they walk out though!

Liberty went on to reveal another scene the producers made her re-shoot because they couldn’t hear their conversation properly. She explained: “Me and Han, we were getting our nails done in the villa and I was chatting. You know like when you’re getting your nails done with the nail technician and we were having a goss? They did make us redo that chat because they can’t film us getting our nails done on the show.”

She explained, “If we started chatting about the boys, producers would] just shout at us right away, ‘Stop the chat! Change the chat!'”

I’m so intrigued by the extent of the re-shoots and how many times they had to re-film certain scenes, just give us the original chaotic unedited mess we beg you!

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