‘She was horrible’: A long, winding history of Georgia Steel’s most controversial TV moments

After the 2018 villa she was kicked out the cast group chat

Most of us only know Georgia Steel from Love Island 2018 and now All Stars, but over the years she’s been on our screens she’s had a number of controversial moments.

From lying in the villa, getting people’s names wrong on purpose and getting called rude on reality shows – Georgia has found herself at the centre of many scandals before.

Here’s a rundown of the most controversial moments Georgia Steel has had in her TV career so far.

The who-kissed-who Love Island 2018 scandal

Let’s kick things off with probably the most controversial of all moments Georgia Steel had in the Love Island 2018 villa. Set your mind back – Laura Anderson was happily coupled up with Jack Fowler, and was good friends with Georgia. Georgia then went on a date with Jack, very much went in for a kiss when they left, and came back to the villa and tried to say the kiss was mutual, and if anything, Jack initiated it.

Unfortunately, there was an entire camera crew there of course. The villa kicked off and Jack desperately tried to defend himself whilst Laura felt she should trust her friend over a boy. Georgia had previously told Laura she didn’t even fancy Jack. “I’m done with Georgia, I don’t rate her as a person,” Laura said over the drama.

Despite Laura and Jack subsequently not working out, and Georgia and Laura having a huge falling out, after the show Georgia only then admitted she’d kissed him, but said she “didn’t remember it like that.”

After Casa Amor, Georgia kept calling Kaz ‘Kez’ and afterwards Kaz opened up about how ‘horrible’ Georgia was to her

Georgia Steel controversial TV moments, Love Island

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Prior to Casa Amor 2018, Georgia had been happily coupled up with Josh, but he returned to the main villa with Kaz Crossley. Georgia then channelled a lot of her anger towards Kaz, and refused to learn her name. She was seen constantly calling her “Kez”, and after the show, Kaz spoke about it in an interview.

“It was savage that Josh coupled up with me over Georgia, so I expected her to be horrible,” Kaz told Closer at the time. “If I was in her position, I don’t think I would’ve called her by the wrong name on purpose. At first it was funny, but then she did it a couple more times and it was on purpose.

“But that’s just Georgia – and when you get to know her you realise that that’s what she’s like. We got on well in the end.”

After Love Island 2018 she was kicked out the cast group chat

After the show and her behaviour towards Kaz, it was reported Georgia had been kicked out the cast group chat. Whilst in the villa she’d burnt bridges with Laura and Kaz, and also had huge arguments with Ellie Brown.

After all the chat about being loyal, Georgia said she wasn’t loyal to Sam Bird

Georgia left Love Island 2018 in a relationship with Sam Bird, and they moved in together. But just three months after the show ended, the couple announced they had split. Of course, it then all turned really messy, and Georgia’s “loyal babe” slogan got pulled into question.

It was reported Georgia had cheated, claims which Sam appeared to confirm. It was said she was messaging an ex, and had stopped over at his house, and Sam had found out through texts when going through her phone.

Georgia then posted to deny the cheating claims, and said Sam had misunderstood the texts he’d seen, which were actually just “banter” between her and a friend about her ex. Georgia claimed Sam was threatening to sell screenshots to the press.

However, in an interview later on, Georgia was asked if she was loyal to Sam and she simply said “no”.

Georgia was branded ‘rude’ whilst on Celebs Go Dating

via E4

In 2019 Georgia signed up to the Celebrity Dating Agency and appeared on Celebs Go Dating. However, her appearance ended up with her being called out on Twitter for how rude she was to one of her dates.

Georgia told a guy she was matched with: “Anyway, your blue t-shirt makes me feel like I’m looking up at the sky it’s that bloody blue, so I’ll have that and I’ll talk to your mate. Yeah?” Georgia later added: “Oh God, that was a bit savage wasn’t it? Ahhh, sorry babe!” Channel 4 posted the clip on Twitter, and called it “savage banter”.

But after this comment, people called her “rude” and “obnoxious” and tweeted to say there was no need for her digs at people. Big Brother star Helen Wood commented on the clip: “What a shit line. If you’re gonna be cocky have the minerals to do it properly. Notice how she’s rude to a lad who is too polite to tell the little prick she’s a nobody.”

She was also late to her dates, which didn’t go down well. Yikes.

She refused to say Shaq’s name properly on Aftersun

During a 2023 episode of Aftersun, Georgia was invited on as a guest. She was talking to host Maya Jama about which Islanders she believed were the strongest couple that season. “My strongest would be Tanya and … Zack,” she said – prompting Maya to say “Tanya and Shaq?”

Georgia then said: “I pronounce it Zack because I always get it wrong, so I go with Zack but I know that’s not his name.” People called out Georgia for it being a microaggression.

One said: “She did the same thing to Kaz on her season. But she’s able to pronounce a more complicated name of white Islanders. It’s giving she only messes up names of Black Islanders, disgusting & vile af. Love Island just keeps getting away with putting people on with microaggressions towards us.”

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