Tom and Casey from Love Island All Stars

Tom and Casey were both fully aware they were going on Love Island: All Stars together

The soppy reunion was all for show!

It turns out Love Island besties Tom Clare and Casey O’Gorman were both fully aware they were going to be appearing on Love Island: All Stars together. The Islanders might be trying to act shocked when new bombshells walk in, but we already know they mix in the same circles, so it looks as though it’s not that much of a secret who they’ll be appearing with.

The two boys have struck up a close friendship since both appearing on the Love Island 2023 winter series together, and have since moved into a flat in London together. It should be no surprise they discussed their mutual casting, but if the authenticity of the show is to be trusted, cast members are meant to have no idea who they’re on the show with.

Casey previously posted a TikTok, whilst it was just Tom in the villa, saying he was going to miss his best friend. In the clip, Tom is walking with him in the background. “Feeling a bit lost without my Tom Clare” the video was captioned. In it, he said: “Can’t wait to vote him out so I can get him back sooner. All the best, doubt any girls in there are actually going to fancy him. I’ll keep his bed warm for when he comes back.”


feeling a bit lost without my @Tom Clare 💔😢

♬ original sound – Casey O’Gorman

But in another video posted once he’d been announced as a bombshell, Casey clarified that was all a joke, because he and Tom were going to be in there together. Tom is still in the background, and the boys are joking together. “Ready for the boys to be reunited tonight,” the second is captioned.

“Right that last TikTok was obviously a joke,” Casey said. “I’m also going in. See you out there! See you in South Africa.”


Ready for the boys to he reunited tonight😍🌴🤪 @Tom Clare @Love Island #LoveIsland

♬ original sound – Casey O’Gorman

“So they do know who’s going in then,” someone said in the comments. Another added: “I’m so mad Tom knows.” One other person said: “Tom knew?!!” Look, I’m not shocked, I just wanted it to be an actual surprise to them that they were on it together!

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