Joanna and Georgia Steel before Love Island All Stars

Inside the huge fallout previous best friends Joanna and Georgia had before All Stars

‘One day we just blocked her on everything’

When Joanna Chimonides joined the All Stars villa last night, lots of people were quick to point out her supposed Love Island bestie Georgia Steel didn’t exactly jump for joy upon seeing her. And the truth behind this is because they’ve recently had a huge falling out. Yikes.

Despite not appearing on the show together, Georgia was in 2018 villa and Joanna the 2019 show, the girls met afterwards, and struck up a friendship. They often posted on Instagram and TikTok together, referring to one another as their best friend. But, when Joanna walked into the Love Island: All Stars villa, Georgia didn’t speak to her at all.

On a podcast, fellow former Islanders who are close to the girls explained the recent feud, and said things could turn into “World War Three” between the girls.

Francesca Allen and Elma Pazar, who both appeared in series five alongside Joanna, spoke with series nine star Olivia Hawkins, and confirming the former best pals had fallen out, Francesca said: “They were really close, they were friends and then they had a little bit of a row and I don’t think they’ve spoken much since then so I don’t know if Jo is going to really care as much to ‘steal her man’.”

Elma added: “If she [Joanna] picks Callum that will be World War Three with her and [Georgia] because [Georgia] was really close with her.”

There’s also a clip of Joanna talking in a podcast going around again, in which people are speculating if she might be talking about Georgia Steel. Sitting down with Kady McDermott on the podcast they share, Joanna said: “We cut off a mutual didn’t we?”

Kady added: “We can’t even speak about this girl, but we both had to cut this girl off and it was bad, she was trying to make us fall out. She was jealous of our friendship. One day we just blocked her on everything – and we’ve known her for years.”


We are blocking all toxix people this year!!! 🙅🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – Joanna & Kady

One person speculating in the comments section said: “Georgia Steel blatantly” . Sharing the same clip on Reddit, someone else said: “Word on the street that Joanna and Georgia have fallen out, and Kady and Joanna were both friends with Georgia at one point and now it seems Kady and Joanna are close and Georgia is gone.”

It’s about to get frosty!

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