‘It’s a shame how it ended’: The five dumped All Stars Islanders spill their villa truths

‘It’s just not meant to be’

The last few episodes have seen loads of Islanders dumped from Love Island: All Stars. First bombshells Joe and Joanna were sent packing by their fellow Islanders in a shock choice, then Chris was left single and given his marching orders too, before Eve and Casey left. It really has been a lot.

There’s not long left of the show now, so it’s time to get more Islanders dumped, ahead of the Love Island: All Stars final. It’s brutal out here! So, what have the five Islanders who just got put on a plane back to the UK had to say about their time and what’s next for them? Here’s the rundown.

The dumped Islanders from Love Island All Stars

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Joanna called her experience with Chris ‘beautiful’

Prior to being dumped, Joanna had been coupled up with Chris. However she had spent the day before her exit saying she wasn’t sure about him anymore, and cracking on Callum instead. However, she’s now called their experience together “beautiful” which seems far away from her basically saying she got the ick in the villa.

“My experience with Chris was beautiful,” she said. “We really got along and got to know each other on a different level. It’s a shame how it’s ended now as I think we might have reconciled and come back together. Chris is so caring and protective of me, he’s lovely.”

Whilst Chris is sure he and Joanna will continue things outside

The dumped Islanders from Love Island All Stars

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Despite Joanna talking about how “it’s ended”, Chris seems very sure he and Joanna could rekindle outside the villa. He said he’s “sad to leave everyone behind” but is “happy I now get the opportunity to speak to Joanna now I’m out.”

He added: “My experience with Joanna was amazing. When she came in, I was very excited. I’ve fancied her for a long time. As soon as she arrived in the villa, I could tell there was something between us. We had lots of deep chats in bed and I learnt so much about her on a deeper level and ultimately we were both very comfortable with each other. Love Island is a great opportunity to fast track getting to know someone.”

‘I thought this time I would find a partner’

Casey has only been out the villa for a year, having first appeared on the winter series last year. After being dumped from All Stars, he said he’s gutted to have his time cut short, and really thought he’d find love this time around.

“I thought this time round I would find a partner but it is what it is. Maybe it’s just not meant to be,” he said. “It was short but sweet. I fancied Eve, we were having a good time and getting along but I didn’t want to lead her on when I knew that there wasn’t a romantic spark there. I thought it was best to be honest and let her know how I was feeling.”

Speaking of their situation at the end, Eve added: “Casey was always my number one from the moment I went in there. We get on really well and there is no bad blood between us. Unfortunately there was just no romantic spark there for us.”

The dumped Islanders from Love Island All Stars

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Who do the dumped Islanders think could go on and win Love Island: All Stars?

When asked who has the potential to win, Joe said: “For me there are two very strong couples in there, Tom and Molly and Anton and Georgia H. I could see either of them going all the way and winning as they could both work in the outside world.”

Joanna added: “For me, it’s Molly and Tom. They are great together, so chilled and they balance each other out. They get along so naturally, it’s lovely.”

Of course, Casey is also backing his Love Island bestie, Tom. He said: “Tom and Molly are great together. It’s so nice to see Tom happy after going through a difficult break up with Samie and how that ended. To see Tom thriving again with Molly is great. Also, Josh and Sophie are so good together. I wouldn’t be unhappy to see them win either.”

Chris said he’s backing Georgia S and Toby to win, as they “have a great connection” and have “been on a mad journey and taken risks”. He added: “The epitomise what Love Island is all about and deserve to win.”

Eve obviously is backing her sister Jess, but said “in terms of connection” she’s backing her best friend Sophie, and Josh. “They are perfect for each other and have such a strong connection,” she said.

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