Petty TikToks and two breakups: A rundown of Tom and Samie’s beefy post Love Island feud

No wonder Samie rejected being on All Stars with him


It might have only been a year ago, but a lot has happened with Tom and Samie since they met on winter Love Island 2023. The couple have somehow managed to leave the villa, split up, get back together, split up again, and engage in a petty back and fourth on their socials.

Samie and Tom met in the 2023 South Africa villa and finished in third position that year. Shortly after heading back home to the UK they made it official, but around a month later they’d called it quits. Now, Tom is a bombshell on Love Island: All Stars, and it’s been reported Samie was meant to be too, but when she found out Tom was in the cast, she bailed.

So, what’s gone down between the ex couple? Strap in, the full timeline is here, and it’s a lot.

Tom and Samie whilst on Love Island

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Just one month after Love Island 2023, Tom and Samie were reported to have broken up

It was announced Tom and Samie had split up, just a month after the winter 2023 series ended. At the time, a source told The Sun: “Samie and Tom have sadly decided to call it a day. There is a lot of love and respect there but it just wasn’t going anywhere. The distance between them was too much and they are both really focused on their careers post Love Island.”

Tom confirmed the split on his Instagram story, adding they were still on good terms and said he had “nothing but love and respect for her.” Samie later posted a YouTube video where she spoke about the split. She said: “Me and Tom have broken up. It’s ended on good terms.

“No one’s done anything bad to each other, there’s still lots and lots of love there. It just wasn’t working on the outside and we both agreed on the majority of the things. There’s no bad blood there, me and Tom. I would never say a bad word about him and he wouldn’t about me.”

Samie admitted she’d gone on Love Island 2023 for fame

Just after it was announced she’d split from Tom, a video emerged where Samie had pretty bluntly admitted she’d gone on Love Island for fame, not love.

“Did you go on Love Island for love, or did you go on for exposure?” Chloe Burrows asked Samie on her podcast. Samie replied: “I’m going to be honest, mine was the second one. I didn’t expect to meet anyone.” Samie seemed to shrug over the idea of even thinking you could go on the show looking for love, and sarcastically added: “It’s fucking Love Island.”

During the summer of 2023, reports emerged they’d got back together

Just months after their initial split, it became quite clear Tom and Samie were giving things another go. On a friend’s Instagram story, Tom and Samie could be seen closely chatting on holiday together, and then attended the Pride of Manchester Awards together, with some fellow Islanders.

There was then another video of them on holiday, with Tom sat with his hands resting on Samie’s leg. The video was captioned: “Tom and Samie back together in Marbella.”

TikTok then went into full investigation mode, to give us solid evidence the Love Island couple were back on. Samie had posted an innocent picture of herself in a garden drinking a cuppa, which people noticed was the same garden Tom had posted an Instagram story of at his house. She was at Tom’s house!

After then the flood gates were taken off, and Samie and Tom began getting spotted together all over the place, and Tom spoke about getting back with Samie. He shared the relationship had previously become “intense” and “pressurised” and said he wouldn’t be interested in dating anyone else.

He then posted a soppy TikTok about Samie, calling her his crush, and said in an interview he was “off the market”.

In August 2023, it was confirmed Tom and Samie had broken up once again

After seemingly endless back and forth, Tom and Samie were over once again. In August 2023, Samie said in an interview she was “officially still single” and it was noticed she and Tom had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The ex couple then started shading each other in TikToks

After splitting for the second time, Tom and Samie then started shading each other in TikToks. The first came from Samie, who posted a video alongside fellow Islander, Ellie Spence. In it, the two girls were lip-syncing a sound which says “so I used to date this guy” before retching loudly. The two girls obviously mimic being sick, and the caption read: “True story x”. Savage.

But, Tom clearly wasn’t too bothered. He posted a video in return, in his car lip-syncing “why are you so obsessed with me?”. People in the comments obviously spotted the two videos coming out one after each other, with one saying: “I’M SCREAMING !! The way I saw Samie’s video before this.” Another said: “Samie is giving bitter”. 


Now Tom has been cast for Love Island: All Stars, Samie has ‘withdrawn’ from the show as they still ‘don’t get on’

Tom has just been looking for love again on Love Island: All Stars, and it’s been reported Samie was “lined-up” for the show, but when she found out her ex was too, she “immediately withdrew”. A source said: “It’s fair to say Samie and Tom don’t really get on these days. There’s too much water under the bridge now.”

They added: “The idea of being back in the Cape Town villa – the same one where they first fell in love – was too much for Samie so once she heard Tom was in the mix it was an immediate ‘hell no’ to bosses. She knew they’d be put in awkward situations and likely have to kiss in challenges or at the very least watch each other cracking on.”

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