TikTok evidence Tom and Samie from Love Island 2023 are back together

TikTok has found even more solid evidence Tom and Samie are back together

‘Great detective skills. FBI should hire you’

In the last few weeks there has been loads of chat surrounding if Love Island 2023 finalists Tom and Samie are back together – and now TikTok has put in some solid work and found real evidence to suggest they are. I’m here for it, I really am.

Recently, loads of videos have been posted of Tom and Samie hanging out together again, just a couple of months after they announced they’d split. They’ve been spotted on holiday together with friends, as well as hanging out with fellow Islanders and getting cosy at events.

In a video just posted, TikTok has worked HARD to give us solid evidence the Love Island couple are back on. This week, Samie posted a picture of herself in a garden drinking a cuppa, with the caption: “🌈Wholesome days”. Now, you might think that seems pretty innocent, but no, this picture hides a multitude of hints.

In a TikTok, someone has pointed out the background of the picture Samie posted “looks so familiar” – and how it high key proves she’s got back together with Tom. They’ve pointed out that previously, Tom has posted an Instagram story at his house, and the garden Samie is posing in isn’t her own, it’s his!

The fence and the garden table are exactly the same, and if you watch the video, you can clearly see the posts are in the same place. “Great detective skills. FBI should hire you,” one of the comments on the video reads, and I have to agree. “I saw them together in Zara in Meadowhall yesterday,” another person has said.

This, combined with the holidays they’ve been on and days out they’ve had together, all but confirm our suspicions. It’s happening!!

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Featured image via TikTok / Instagram @samieelishi