Who smokes and vapes on Love Island: All Stars

It’s been revealed exactly who smokes and vapes in the Love Island: All Stars villa

Georgia Steel and Anton ‘always push to the front of the smoking queue and cause trouble’

Since smoking on camera in the villa was banned years back, one of the biggest questions we have is who smokes or vapes in the villa – and dumped Love Island: All Stars cast members have spilled all.

Since being dumped from the show, Hannah Elizabeth and Liberty Poole have been doing the rounds with interviews. They’ve been chatting to magazines, going on podcasts, and doing countless Q&A sessions on their socials.

Lots of the questions they are constantly being asked revolve around the daily routine of the Islanders, and what they get up to when the cameras aren’t rolling, or during bits from the villa we don’t see. Hannah has spoken of secret arguments, scenes that we re-filmed, and the all important topic: Smoking.

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So, who smokes and vapes in the Love Island: All Stars villa?

Speaking to Closer Magazine, Hannah revealed “most” of the Islanders in the Love Island: All Stars villa have been enjoying a smoke or a vape whilst filming. She explained they have to go outside the villa to do so, because it’s not filmed, so “there’d be a big queue” every day. Juicy though, she said: “Anton and Georgia Steel would always push to the front of the smoking queue and cause trouble.”

In a further interview she added that “loads of them vape”, and Liberty Poole added the Islanders were going out to do so “constantly”. She said the smoking and vaping queue was full of “dramas” and “pushing in”. Liberty and Hannah doubled-down on the comments that it’s Georgia Steel and Anton always pushing.

“They’d all be arguing,” Hannah added. “It was a constant battle.” She said Islanders were only allowed out one at a time to vape – and it’s been previously said this rule is in place so no juicy conversations happen off-camera.

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