An Islander has been dumped in ‘shocking’ recoupling?! Plus an unaired bust up in the villa!

The drama is continuing at full pace!

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Davide has dropped a huge hint he’s going to South Africa to be a bombshell

Love Island All Stars gossip column

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Following the god-awful news that previous winners Ekin-Su and Davide had split up once again, everyone was calling out for one of them to go on All Stars as a bombshell, given how impeccable the timing of the breakup was.

It was a stab in the dark, but it looks like Davide is subtly hinting he’s seen the idea, and yes he’s probably playing up to it, but he’s definitely wanting us to believe he’s flying out to the villa. Just days after the split, he’s posted a picture of him at the airport with the mysterious caption: “Guess where I’m going”. Oh, you want me to guess Davide? South Africa. There you go. There’s my guess.

The Gale twins have spilled which All Stars Islanders have slid into their DMs before

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Last night saw winter 2020 Islanders Jess and Eve Gale enter the villa as bombshells, and in an interview, they’ve spilled which All Stars Islanders have already been in their DMs, before the show.

Ahead of the villa, Jess said: “I think Tom is really good looking, he’s not my usual type but he’s liked a few of my Instagram stories so I’m intrigued. Toby seems to have really grown up, he also seems really witty too. This time around I feel more mature and focussed ready to find my future husband. I’m ready now, we’ve had so much fun the last few years I’m ready to share my life with someone else other than Eve.”

Eve added: “I like Toby, I feel like he’s my usual type, he seems fun so I’m hoping there is a vibe with him. I want to have fun, have a flirt and meet some hot guys, I’m going back to have an amazing time all over again. I’m going to go in with an open mind and fully immerse myself into villa life, I’m going to try and have more fun with it. I’m 24 and although that’s young, I want to be married by 28 so I need to get a move on. All my friends are starting to settle down, I feel like it’s my time too.”

People thought Georgia Harrison was drunk the other night, so Mitch has actually clarified if the Islanders are drinking more

Love Island All Stars gossip column

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Look, it all got a bit messy with Georgia Harrison last week when she cried over Kaz and Casey and had a very emotional evening in the villa. Everyone knows Love Island has very strict alcohol rules in place for Islanders, but it’s been questioned if the All Stars are being able to drink more, given how loose we’ve seen them get.

Dumped All Star Mitch has clarified this definitely isn’t a thing. “We’re not getting more alcohol, no chance,” he told The Sun. “We’re still stuck to our one to two drinks a night.”

Mitch has also said the Islanders are genuinely looking for love not fame… sure

Dumped All Stars Islander Mitch has said emotions have been running high in the villa because the cast members are all genuinely there for love and aren’t interested in more fame. Sure!

“They’re not going back on for the screen time,” he told The Sun. “They’ve already got that foundation on the outside. This is truly about them trying to find love. I don’t think the arguments were produced. I think everyone just got so heated because we’re in the villa so much.

“We’ve not been able to go out and do challenges and get out of the environment. I wish I could tell you why there’s so much drama and it’s genuinely real. It’s crazy.”

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Demi has revealed an unaired argument from the villa

Demi has revealed there was a huge bust up between the girls which wasn’t show on TV. She said the argument brewed over some girls not seeing eye to eye, and feeling “left out” by their fellow Islanders.

She told Closer magazine: “There was a girls’ argument – I wasn’t really involved, might I add – but we were all sat around the mini fire pit and there was an argument between a couple of people about being left out or not being included in the girls’ conversation.”

Someone is getting dumped tonight!

It’s been reported there will be a shock dumping tonight, and one Islander is sent packing. The Sun is reporting they are a popular Islander in the villa right now, and their fellow cast members were left “gobsmacked” by the revelation.

An insider said: “The Islanders are just getting over the PDA Awards, when a surprise recoupling is called. One person ends up being single and is sent home straight away. It came as a huge shock to everyone, the person is such a big part of the villa – there were a lot of tears. It’s another brilliant episode that will keep fans gripped after the recent drama.”

Tonight a game exposes cheating, threesomes and lots of juicy secrets

Love Island All Stars gossip column

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Tonight, the new bombshells get to know their fellow Islanders with an intense game of dares. The Islanders snog their most attractive Islanders, who they’d like to have a threesome with and the Islander most likely to cheat in a relationship – no topic is left uncovered.

As new bombshell Joe picks his dare, he reads: “Snog the Islander with the best chat”. Joe chooses Molly, leaving Georgia S to make a comment to the group that Joe and Molly have history. Georgia S says: “Was that the first time Mol?” Joe and Molly do have history together, and it’s been reported they’ve kissed before.

Josh is up next, as he reads: “Snog one Islander who is here for love and another who is here for the followers.” Snogging Sophie for love, Josh paces up and down the firepit deciding who to kiss next…Things heat up around the firepit as Josh makes his selection but who does he pick?

Also in the game, it’s been reported Casey makes a “shock” confession. In return when asked who she thinks is most likely to cheat, Kaz picks Casey.

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