Over the years, the wild transformation Love Island’s Jess and Eve Gale have had

It’s believed they’ve had a number of procedures done

It’s been a while since Jess and Eve Gale were first on Love Island, and since then their transformation has been incredible. They had a wild glow up before the villa, and now have changed loads since again.

Twins Jess and Eve Gale were the glam bombshells in the first winter series of Love Island. They’re both from London, and when they first were on the show were 20 – the girls are 24 now.

On winter Love Island in 2020, Jess made the final alongside Ched Uzor but Eve had less luck and was forced to leave her sister behind when she was dumped halfway through the series.

They’re known for always looking perfect, with signature blonde hair and bikini pics on Instagram. But they haven’t always had their signature blonde hair and current vibes, as old pictures of them which came out when they were first on the show revealed.

Transformation Love Island All Stars twins Jess and Eve Gale have had

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In photos claiming to be from 2015, the gals are without their tans and they have more brown/red hair instead of bright blonde. They also don’t wear as full makeup, their lips look thinner and their teeth are less gleaming white. Another photo of them taken on the same day, shows them on what appears to be a school trip.

Transformation Love Island All Stars twins Jess and Eve Gale have had

The girls in the villa in 2020, via ITV

The girls have openly spoken about work they’ve had done in the past. They’ve had filler and Botox, with Jess once posting a video of herself getting temple filler to lift her brows, cheek filler for “that snatched look” and anti-wrinkle injections.

When they were first in the villa, an expert speculated they may have had Botox, lip filler, cheek filler and non surgical rhinoplasty “as their noses look a different shape and slightly more sculpted than before.” It was also speculated they may have both had boob jobs, and a BBL.

The girls have just entered the Love Island: All Stars villa, looking for love once again. They made a grand entrance as bombshells, this time alongside 2019 Islander, Joe Garratt.

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