Before and after the villa: The 14 most drastic Love Island transformations of all time

It’s been a wild ride

Every year, new Love Island contestants come, and their wild transformations follow. When Islanders step into the villa looking glam and influencer life ready, it’s not long before the internet manages to unearth pictures of them sporting the same tragic makeup trends as the rest of us, or before they all had their perfect veneers done. It’s a rite of passage.

But, who out of all the past Islanders we’ve seen has made the most drastic changes to their overall vibe? Here is a rundown of the biggest Love Island transformations of all time. And yes, this is a lot!

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Instagram @ekinsuofficial

When Ekin-Su entered the Love Island 2022 villa, it was revealed she had spent thousands on cosmetic work. She has had a boob job in the past, as well as spending over £1.2k on facial fillers and £4k on getting her teeth done. Loads of photos of her from uni were shared online, but she’s since said she has plans to dissolve all the filler she has ever had done.

Laura Anderson

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Instagram @lauraanderson1x

When Laura appeared on Love Island in 2018, Islanders weren’t as good as they are now at cleaning up their social media profiles. Laura still had loads of throwbacks on her Instagram page from before she had cosmetic surgery and was famous, and people began sharing and posting them again.

Laura has also had a dramatic transformation since her time in the villa. She’s previously said she’s had a boob job which was over 10-years ago, and it’s been reported she’s also had botox and fillers.

Molly Smith

via Instagram @mollysmith19

Molly Smith was on the first winter Love Island series, back in 2020. Whilst she was in the villa, old pictures of her emerged where she had thinner lips, different hair, and definitely wasn’t as tanned as when she was soaking up the winter South Africa sun.

Luca Bish

via YouTube / Instagram @lucabish

When Luca was on the show, a big talking point were his gleaming white veneers. So, naturally, the internet hunted down clips of him getting them done. A video from YouTube shows him going to get veneers with an ex-girlfriend, when he has long hair and tbh, looked wildly different.

Megan Barton-Hanson

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson_

Megan Barton-Hanson has definitely had one of the biggest Love Island transformations of all time, and it’s nothing short of iconic. She has been open about her cosmetic surgery and what work she’s had done. Apparently she had her first trip to a plastic surgeon’s aged 14, and was having work done from 17.

She’s had her boobs done and continues to have work done to her face and lips. Cosmetic surgery aside, Megan also has dramatic hair and vibe changes and somehow manages to look good with every one. Love her!

Ellie Brown

via Instagram @brown.elle

Ellie Brown has also had one of the biggest transformations from before she was on Love Island to now. Ellie apparently had over £7k worth of surgery before going on Love Island – according to her doctor she had lip fillers, a rhinoplasty and cheek bone fillers.

Since then, it’s thought she has had a boob job, as well as drastically changing her makeup look and getting shorter hair. She also recently posted about getting “new teeth”.

Maura Higgins

via Instagram @maurahiggins

Countless old pictures of Love Island 2019 legend Maura Higgins resurfaced whilst she was in the villa. The main difference now is that she has a slick, glam model vibe to match her modelling deal, and has fuller lips. Her face card never declines.

Molly-Mae Hague

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Facebook / Instagram @mollymae

She’s become the blueprint of influencing, but Molly-Mae Hague has had a pretty dramatic transformation getting where she is now. Before she was a multi-multi millionaire and pregnant with her first child, Molly-Mae was victim to the same cringe fashion and beauty trends as the rest of us.

The transformation Molly-Mae had before the Love Island villa was a lot, you’d hardly recognise her. The beauty pageant queen went to influencer mode pre the show very quick, and her glow up was incredible. She said she’s been having filler since 17, but has now gone back and is reversing some of the work she’s had done.

Faye Winter

via Facebook / Instagram @faye__winter

Faye has always been open about work she’s had done, and even joked in the villa multiple times about not being able to make facial expressions because of her botox. Faye has previously said she has had lip fillers, breast implants and botox injections done. She told her fellow Islanders she had breast implants gifted to her from her parents for her 18th birthday – as she had been insecure about them for years.

Since leaving the 2021 villa, Faye has had loads of her filler removed and is looking a lot more natural.

Olivia Attwoood

via Facebook / Instagram @oliviajade_attwood

Olivia has always been very open and honest about cosmetic work and surgery she’s had done, and has posted her own before and after pictures with huge throwbacks from before she was famous.

Olivia has had lip filler and filler under her eyes, she’s had two boob jobs, and was pictured on Instagram in a huge chin strap, having something done on her face. It was later reported she had a £2.5k chin liposuction and contouring procedure. She has said she’s been having filler “for years”.

She has since said she’s had some work reversed, but is “excited” to have more cosmetic procedures in the future.

Eve and Jess Gale

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Facebook / Instagram @jessicarosegale

Twins Eve and Jess Gale were the glam bombshells in the first winter series of Love Island. But they haven’t always had their signature blonde hair and current vibes, as old pictures of them which came out when they were on the show reveal.

In photos claiming to be from 2015, the gals are without their tans and they have more brown/red hair instead of bright blonde. They also don’t wear as full makeup, their lips look thinner and their teeth are less gleaming white.

Brad McLelland

via Facebook / Instagram @brad_mcclell

Brad is another Islander who didn’t clean up his social media ahead of the villa, leaving a particularly classic pic behind, from back when he was a teenager. It looks fresh from a sweaty, heavy night at an under-18s club event, very different from the tanned and toned man who entered the 2021 villa.

Mary Bedford

via Instagram @mary_bedford

Before going into the villa, Mary Bedford posted a video all about the work she has had done in the past. She openly spoke about getting breast implants aged 21, saying her boobs used to be a part of her body she was very anxious about. According to reports, she also had lip filler and brow lift botox injections before Love Island.

Millie Court

Biggest Love Island transformations before and after pictures

via Twitter / Instagram @milliegracecourt

When she was in the villa, we found old pics of Millie Court, and wow. I honestly love this for her. Not so much a transformation, but just pure growth since she was a teenager – this gives us all hope.

The pictures came from her Justin Bieber fan page Twitter account, called “Millie Bieber”. She started the account in January 2010, so Millie would have been around 13 at the time she had it. She’s tweeted a lot about how much swag Justin has, which is fair, and posted loads of cute selfies.

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