These are the biggest reality TV celeb transformations of the last decade

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It’s no surprise that people who go on reality TV shows have huge transformations – but when you look at the before and afters of some of the biggest celeb changes right next to each other, it’s still shocking every time.

Some of our favourite reality shows such as Love Island, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore and TOWIE are years old now, and former cast members are looking totally different. That might be because they’ve had surgery and cosmetic work done, but sometimes it’s just because they’ve grown up and moved away from awful trends back in the day.

Here is a rundown of the biggest reality TV celeb transformations there have been this decade. Strap in!

Ellie Brown

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @brown.elle

Love Islander Ellie Brown has changed loads over the years. When she was in the 2018 villa of old pictures of her resurfaced, and since then she’s had an even further transformation. Ellie apparently had over £7k worth of surgery before going on Love Island – according to her doctor she had lip fillers, a rhinoplasty and cheek bone fillers.

Since then, it’s thought she has had a boob job, as well as drastically changing her makeup look and getting shorter hair.

Charlotte Crosby

via MTV / Instagram @charlottegshore

Charlotte was just 20 when she first appeared on Geordie Shore. Over the years she has said she gets botox injections, lip filler, and has had a nose job. She also got her eyebrows tattooed on, and has had a boob job. According to The Sun, she’s spent over £20k on surgery.

Louise Thompson

via E4 / Instagram @louise.thompson

Louise briefly appeared in the first series of Made in Chelsea but became a regular cast member in the second series, when she was re-introduced as Spencer’s ex. She’s well and truly over Spencer now, and has a baby with Ryan Libbey, and her lips look bigger and her cheeks appear fuller.

Megan Barton-Hanson

via Instagram @meganbartonhanson_

Megan Barton-Hanson had one of the most insane pre Love Island transformations in history. What’s more, she owned it like the absolute queen she is. She has been open about her cosmetic surgery and what work she’s had done. Apparently she had her first trip to a plastic surgeon’s aged 14, and was having work done from 17.

She’s had her boobs done and continues to have work done to her face and lips. Cosmetic surgery aside, Megan also has dramatic hair and vibe changes and somehow manages to look good with every one. Love her.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via Facebook / Instagram @ekinsuofficial

When Ekin-Su entered the Love Island 2022 villa, it was revealed she had spent thousands on cosmetic work. She has had a boob job in the past, as well as spending over £1.2k on facial fillers and £4k on getting her teeth done. However now, she has plans to dissolve all lip filler she has ever had.

Binky Felstead

via E4 / Instagram @binkyfelstead

Binky is also someone who has changed a lot since we first saw them on Made in Chelsea. For a start, thank god makeup and hair trends have changed since then!

Lauren Goodger

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @laurengoodger

Since she first started on TOWIE, Lauren has changed loads. Her original look, back in the days when she was dating Mark Wright, was typical early 2010s, with heavy eye liner, highlighted hair and shaped eyebrows. Now, her hair is dark brown, her eyebrows are thick and her makeup look is completely different. Lauren has said she’s had lip fillers and a nose job done, but has not spoken about any other plastic surgery.

Luca Bish

via YouTube / ITV

Luca’s transformation came way before he was in the Love Island 2022 villa. A video from YouTube shows him going to get veneers with an ex-girlfriend, where he has long hair and tbh, looks wildly different.

Faye Winter

via Facebook / ITV / Instagram @faye__winter

Faye is another Love Island star who had loads of old pictures of her resurface when she was in the villa. At the time, she said she has had lip fillers, breast implants and botox injections done. She told her fellow Islanders she had breast implants gifted to her from her parents for her 18th birthday – as she had been insecure about them for years.

Since leaving the 2021 villa, Faye has had loads of her filler removed and is looking a lot more natural. On Instagram she said she had a “lip flip” done, to make her lips look more shapely, but less full. She went on to say at “the biggest they were” her lips had 4ml of filler in them.

Jordan Hames

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @jxrdanhames

Jordan from Love Island 2019 has had a huge transformation since he was on the show. It’s like he’s changed his entire vibe and wardrobe, honestly, it’s art. He’s had his teeth done, and now is in his full model era. His style is now back to his natural hair without the blonde and sometimes in braids, sweater jumpers, fun trousers, pastel colours, lots of layering and 90s style outfits.

Kady McDermott

via ITV / Instagram @kadymcdermott

Kady McDermott was on Love Island in 2016. Since then she’s said she’s had a bit of cosmetic surgery. She’s had a boob job, lip fillers and veneers on her teeth.

Sam Prince

via E4 / Instagram @samjprince

Sam Prince has recently been sporting bleach blonde hair, and it’s a million miles away from the baby-faced guy who was on Made in Chelsea years ago. I’m not even sure these are the same people?

Holly Hagan

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via MTV / Instagram @hollyhaganblyth

Holly first appeared on Geordie Shore as an original cast member in 2011. Back then she was 19, had dark brown hair with extensions and her eyebrows were a lot thinner. She’s been through many transformations, including having a number of boob jobs and a boob lift, and even dyed her hair bright red at one point. Now, she’s dropped the “Holly G-Shore” name and is married. She looks totally different these days.

Amber Davies

via ITV / Instagram @amb_d

Amber Davies looks completely different to when she won Love Island in 2017. She’s changed her hair a few times, phased out her thinner eyebrows and her lips appear fuller. The only cosmetic surgery she’s spoken about is having her ears pinned back.

Sam Faiers

via ITV / Instagram @samanthafaiers

Sam was super young when she started out on TOWIE and had *that* dramatic relationship with Joey Essex. Now she’s got children and is one of the richest people to come from TOWIE following the success of her businesses. She also has a very different look – much more natural, darker hair, different makeup, less tan and fluffy brows.

Miles Nazaire

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via E4 / Instagram @milesjnazaire

Miles has changed loads since he was first on Made in Chelsea. He’s basically greatly improved his hair, had his teeth done and got really, really buff.

Vicky Pattison

via MTV / Instagram @vickypattison

As an original cast member, Vicky first appeared on Geordie Shore in 2011. She’s done loads since then, including the I’m A Celeb jungle and Celebrity MasterChef. She looks loads different now too, with her lips looking a lot fuller.

Ferne McCann

via ITV / Instagram @fernemccann

Ferne McCann is another of the TOWIE girls who’s looking very different from when she was first on the show. She’s 32 now and has a daughter, and has been on loads of other TV shows. In recent years her lips appear bigger and she’s changed her makeup look and hair a lot – yes she’s kissed goodbye to the awful lipsticks she used to wear in TOWIE!

Harley Judge

ITV / Instagram @harley_judge

Since being on Love Island 2017 I think you can tell what the biggest change with Harley is. He’s, um, huge?!

Georgia Steel

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @geesteelx

Georgia Steel looks a lot different from Love Island 2018 – she’s grown up a lot and has completely changed her hair and makeup style – the fringe is a vibe.

Chloe Ferry

via BBC / Instagram @chloegshore1

Chloe Ferry was on Geordie Shore from 2015, and before then appeared on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents. Since, she’s three nose jobs, chin filler, botox, two boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift.

Ollie Locke

via E4 / Instagram @ollielockeworld

Every time I see how different Ollie Locke used to look back in the original Made in Chelsea days it shocks me. The hair! Bring it back! Looking at old MIC pictures like this get me in the feels every single time.

Olivia Attwoood

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @oliviajade_attwood

When Olivia headed into the Love Island villa in 2017, loads of throwback pics of her emerged, and yes, she looks completely different. And she has had even more of a transformation now, too.

Olivia has had lip filler and filler under her eyes, she’s had two boob jobs, and was pictured on Instagram in a huge chin strap, having something done on her face. It was later reported she had a £2.5k chin liposuction and contouring procedure. She has said that she’s been having filler “for years”.

Back in 2019, after she was in the villa, Olivia said she had some of her top lip filler removed, and said she had taken getting it done “too far”. But, since getting some removed, she has said she is “excited” to have more work in the future. Ahead of her stint in the I’m A Celeb jungle, Olivia is said to have had some more work done, including botox.

Sam Thompson

via E4 / Instagram @samthompsonuk

The main change with Sam from Made in Chelsea is his teeth! He’s obviously had veneers, as well as very much out-growing his baby face since he started out on the show.

Marnie Simpson

via MTV / Instagram @marns

Marnie is another of the Geordie Shore girls who has had some work done since being in the house. Despite famously saying when she entered the show that she’s “all natural”,  Marnie’s had botox, lip fillers, a boob job and a nose job. However, since having children she has said she won’t have any more cosmetic work done. “All the stuff I used to worry about with my body is a bit irrelevant now,” she said in 2020.

Anton Danyluk

The biggest reality TV celeb transformations of all time

via ITV / Instagram @anton_danyluk

Anton has recently snapped back at accusations he’s had work done to his face, following him posting a picture on Instagram where he looked pretty different. He’s changed a lot since he was on Love Island, and gone full gym-buff.

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