We all need to talk about Jordan from Love Island 2019’s major transformation

He’s now in the eBay advert during Love Island!


Jordan Hames from Love Island 2019 has had a major transformation since his time on the show, and he looks absolutely incredible. It’s like he’s changed his entire vibe and wardrobe, honestly, it’s art.

Remember Jordan? He was coupled up with Anna Vakili for a bit, they went official as boyfriend and girlfriend and then within a day he was chatting to India and Anna went mad. So yeah, he had a bit of a mare in the villa, but since he’s been thriving.

He’s 28 now, and has ditched the Love Island villa boy skinny white jeans and a khaki t-shirt staple, to full model looks. Straight after Love Island he had a pretty drastic teeth transformation, and now Jordan has completed the head-to-toe change.

Jordan Hames from Love Island 2019 transformation before and after

His style is now back to his natural hair without the blonde and sometimes in braids, he’s styling sweater jumpers, fun trousers, pastel colours, lots of layering and 90s style outfits. Plus, he’s now in they eBay advert which sponsors Love Island, so he’s a sustainable king, too!

Jordan is now represented by the Pause Agency – a talent and influencer agency focused on diversity and fashion. He’s been working with some huge brands such as Tom Ford, JD and Dr Martens. He is also reportedly working as a property developer, currently doing up a home in Wolverhampton.

via Instagram @jxrdanhames

He hasn’t let his Love Island routes go, though. Speaking previously about how Love Island made him who he is now, Jordan said: “It was probably the best thing I’ve ever done because it helped me get to where I am now. I’ve been given the opportunity to show the world what I’m interested in, and that’s all I ever wanted to do, really.”

via Instagram @jxrdanhames

People are clearly shook by how much he’s changed. Comments on his recent Instagram posts include: “Who’s Jordan again?” and “TF happened to Jordan?!”. Another person added “I’m obsessed with new Jordan” and honestly, same.

Jordan Hames from Love Island 2019 transformation before and after

via Instagram @jxrdanhames

Watch Jordan in the eBay advert shown during Love Island here:

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