A rundown of Love Island 2023 cast who spent serious bank on cosmetic work for the villa

Abi posted a vlog of herself getting a procedure

We all know by now that loads of Islanders choose to get work done ahead of the show, and the cast of Love Island 2023 have been really open about the cosmetic work they had ahead of going into the villa.

The girls this year have dropped YouTube videos where you can come and get lip filler with them, as well as posting Instagram updates of them having procedures. They’ve shared advice in interviews, as well as talking about the cons of surgery, and how it has sometimes gone wrong for them in the past.

Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island 2023 cast members who have spoken about the cosmetic surgery work they had done before the villa.

Jess Harding

via Instagram @jesshardingox

Before the show, Jess was working as an aesthetics practitioner in London, and has spoken about how working in that industry influenced her decision to get work done herself. Speaking to press, 22-year-old Jess said she’s been getting work done for the last four years, since she was 18.

Jess said ahead of her time in the Love Island villa, the cosmetic surgery she had done was Botox, cheek and chin filler, and filler in her lips. “I had my lips done, since I was 18 I had such little lips, but it started off getting a little bit in my cheeks, just because it gives off that nice contour, it just gives a structure to the face,” she said. “I don’t think it looks fake or anything like that.”

She added: “Considering it’s my job I don’t actually have a lot done. I think a lot of practitioners do have their whole face jabbed, but I do stick to the natural look.”

Molly Marsh

Cast of Love Island 2023 having cosmetic surgery work done

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

Ahead of appearing on the show, Molly posted a video to share all the treatments she was getting. She had Botox, as well as veneers, and told various press about her decision to do so. She got Masseter Botox, which according to her post on Instagram, is said to relax the muscles, be a cure for teeth grinding, and helps to minimise the width of your jawline, making it more symmetrical.

Despite having work done, Molly said she has never felt the pressure to change herself, and told The Mirror it is important for her to be a role model for her younger followers. “I’m very strong on the opinion of don’t change yourself for anything or anyone,” she said. “I don’t or never have felt pressure to do so. I want to be a role model for my sister more than anything. And for my younger followers.”

Kady McDermott

via Instagram @kadymcdermott

Since her appearance on the show the first time around, Kady McDermott has been very open about cosmetic work she’s had done. Kady spent over £1,000 on a full makeover before heading back to the villa, and went to a swanky clinic on Harley Street in London to get the procedures done.

She had Botox, filler and a “five minute nose job” ahead of her bombshell return, as well as an invasive procedure called Profhilo, which injects hyaluronic acid into the skin’s deeper layer. Her non-surgical nose tip lift is said to help “improve her appearance from every camera angle.”

The procedures Kady had on her nose reportedly cost £500 a session, and the Botox is £300 per area treated. Kady has also spoken about more, previous work she’s had done. She’s also had a boob job, lip fillers and veneers on her teeth.

Abi Moores

Casa bombshell Abi Moores has done a YouTube video about getting filler before the villa. She first got it done in 2021, and has since been going to an aesthetics clinic in her hometown of Hampshire.

In the video she said she was “terrified” to get the procedure done but said she has “wanted lip filler for so long.” She was 23 when she first had her lips done, but said she’d been thinking about it from the age of 18.

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