Ranked: The Love Island couples with the longest distance between them outside the villa

If they can make this work in the real world I’ll be very surprised

We know things are getting serious because the Love Island 2023 couples have started talking distance when they leave the villa. A few of the Islanders have been sitting down with their partners and talking about how they’ll make it work, given they’re from completely different parts of the UK.

It’s true, some of the Islanders will have a real tough job on their hands if they want to regularly see each other. Some have up to hundreds of miles in a journey to get to where the other half of their couple is based, and hours and hours on the road. But who has the longest trek? Here’s a ranking of the current Love Island 2023 couples, by who has the longest distance relationship.

Whitney and Lochan – 26miles

Love Island 2023 couples in longest distance relationships

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I have all faith in Whitney and Lochan making it work, so finding out they’re close to each other in distance just confirms that even more. Whilst both Whitney and Lochan have people in the villa they live closer to than each other, in terms of the couples who are currently coupled up, they are the closest. Whitney is based in Camden, whilst Lochan’s home is in Windsor.

Ella and Ouzy – 46miles

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Ella and Ouzy are both from Scotland, so it’s no surprise they are each other’s perfect match when it comes to how close they are. Veygo has worked out it would take them just over an hour to see one another, with Ella being in Glasgow and Ouzy based in Edinburgh.

Amber and Sammy – 88miles

Love Island 2023 couples in longest distance relationships

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Amber and Sammy have a pretty average distance between them, at 88 miles. Sammy is from Kent, whereas Amber’s family lives in Buckinghamshire – a two hour journey. According to Veygo, Amber has a much better match in Lochan, who lives just an hour away from her.

Shock! Sammy’s best match is Jess! Jess, who is London based, is around an hour and 20 minutes away from Sammy, and right now is the closest female Islander to him, distance wise.

Molly and Zach – 170miles

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It would take Molly three and half hours to travel down to London from Doncaster to see Zach. Unfortunately for her, this makes him the furthest away Islander from her home who she could have chosen to crack on with.

Abi and Mitchel – 196miles

Love Island 2023 couples in longest distance relationships

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During their first date, Abi and Mitchel addressed that it’s really long-distance for them in the real world, with Abi being from Hampshire and Mitchel from Sheffield. They both said they’d be open to moving, which is probably best, seeing as the car journey they’d face is three and a half hours each way.

Awkwardly, the Islander Mitchel is closest to distance wise is Molly, who lives just 40 minutes away from him. According to Veygo, Abi is closest to Lochan, who lives in Windsor.

Leah and Montel – 221 miles

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Leah and Montel would be looking at a hefty four-hour car journey between Manchester and east London. If they want something more close to home, Leah’s closest Islander on the outside is Mitchel in Sheffield, and Jess lives just five minutes in the car away from Montel.

Catherine and Elom – 361miles

Love Island 2023 couples in longest distance relationships

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Topping the chart of Love Island 2023 couples is Catherine and Elom, who out of everyone, are the only couple with a distance between them of over 300 miles.

According to Veygo, Catherine is actually Elom’s worst possible match in this sense, given it would take him over eight hours in the car to travel from London to Dublin to see her. Yikes!

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