Love Island 2023’s Molly Marsh has shared all the cosmetic work she had for the villa

Despite saying she is ‘of the strong opinion to never change yourself’, Molly has had work done before

Love Island 2023 Islander Molly Marsh has detailed all the cosmetic surgery work she had done in preparation for the villa. Ahead of appearing on the show, she posted a video to share all the treatments she was getting.

Molly had Botox done before the villa, as well as veneers, and told various press about her decision to do so. She got Masseter Botox, which according to her post on Instagram, is said to relax the muscles, be a cure for teeth grinding, and helps to minimise the width of your jawline, making it more symmetrical.

Molly told her consultant: “I mainly want to reduce the tension in my jaw because it’s uncomfortable but also just knowing what is the difference between this side and this side and a way of making it more symmetrical.”

Molly Marsh shares cosmetic surgery journey before Love Island 2023

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

She said before the procedure, she preferred the left side of her face to the right side. Molly has also previously posted to say she has veneers.

Despite having work done, Molly said she has never felt the pressure to change herself, and told The Mirror it is important for her to be a role model for her younger followers.

“I’m very strong on the opinion of don’t change yourself for anything or anyone,” she said. “I don’t or never have felt pressure to do so. I want to be a role model for my sister more than anything. And for my younger followers.

“Growing up and seeing people change what they look like – especially in the villa because they may feel that’s what pretty is. I just want people to know that it’s okay to just be yourself and to embrace that. That’s what is beautiful to me. Being natural is beautiful. I’ve never had anything to change what I look like. I don’t think I ever will – I wouldn’t want to.”

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