So, how does Molly already know new Love Island bombshell Leah? Here are all the answers

Molly has been commenting ‘miss you’ on Leah’s recent Instagram posts 😬

Two new bombshells have just entered the villa, and one of the first revelations about one of them was that they were already known by another Islander. Classic! As Molly laid eyes on Leah, she declared “that’s my friend” who she knew before Love Island 2023.

This isn’t the first time this happened. There have been loads of instances where Islanders have known each other whilst in the villa, and just this series Ella said she and Tyrique had met before.

So, how does Molly already know Love Island 2023 bombshell Leah? Here’s a deep dive.

Love Island 2023 stars Molly Marsh and Leah Taylor knew each other before the villa

via Instagram @leahjtaylorr

How do Molly and Leah from Love Island 2023 already know each other?

When Leah entered the Love Island 2023 villa, Molly declared that she was her “friend” from before the show, but she didn’t look exactly the same – as Leah had darker hair when they last saw each other.

Molly already has loads of Islander connections, and was well in the influencer sphere before the villa, and as is Leah. Leah works in influencer and social media marketing, and already had 30k followers before the show. Leah counts previous Islanders such as Maura Higgins among her closest friends.

Through both of their work, Molly and Leah have met in the past. They are both managed by the same agency, and have attended a number of events together. One event was Molly Mae’s Beauty Works event, which 2023 Islander Molly shared a picture of herself meeting Molly-Mae at.

Love Island 2023 stars Molly Marsh and Leah Taylor knew each other before the villa

via Instagram @mollygracemarsh

The Beauty Works event was in October 2021, and a quick scroll on Leah’s Instagram shows she was in fact dark brunette at this time – this explains why Molly said Leah looked different in the villa. Their friendship has obviously continued since then, as on holiday pictures that Leah posted in December, Molly commented: “I miss you”.

Speaking of their friendship and how the girls know one another, a source told The Sun: “Part of being an influencer means meeting lots of people at events but Molly and Leah became actual friends.

“Molly will be shocked to see Leah come in but it’ll be great for her to have some support. She’ll be able to rely on Leah for a real opinion on her current love triangle with Mitchel and Zach.”

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