Inside Love Island’s Molly Marsh’s incredible family farm, with chickens and neon wall lights

Farmer Will, who?

Love Island 2023 star Molly Marsh lives on a farm, and her life looks incredible. Her socials give an insight into what her life outside the villa is like, and the more I learn, the more I want to pack my life up and move to the countryside.

She lives with loads of her extended family on a farm in Doncaster, and with her social media career, posts a LOT. Think daily vlogs around the farm and keeping up with everything she does.

So, here’s a look around the farm Love Island 2023 star Molly Marsh lives on.

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Love Island 2023’s Molly Marsh lives on a farm with all her family

Ahead of joining the show, Molly revealed she lives on a farm with loads of her family members. The musical theatre performer and social media creator lives with her mum, dad, sister, grandma, grandad, aunty, uncle, cousin, cousin’s husband, their baby and a chicken.

Molly is from Doncaster, in South Yorkshire. Molly being a content creator has meant she’s filled her profiles with her life. She posts TikToks on the farm, loads of Instagram pictures, and she has a YouTube channel.

Her YouTube channel is full of daily vlogs and lifestyle videos. She’s already become known in the Love Island villa for having a cuddly toy with her, but in one vlog you can see her bedroom is literally packed with them.

She also regularly posts videos of herself hanging out with family members at home, cooking, watching TV and having dinner. She goes on walks with her dogs, and overall, farm life looks pretty wholesome.

A look inside the farm where Love Island 2023 contestant Molly Marsh lives

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Her bedroom has a swanky en-suite, with a marble shower and graphic art on the walls. Her bedroom also has “Molly” written across the walls in a neon light – of course!

In a video on Molly’s YouTube channel, she took her followers whilst she went to pick up her new car – a brand new Audi A1 sport (casually). In the clip she’s sat in her car on the farm, and you can see some of the out-buildings behind her.

She also shows reactions from her family members, and you can see some of the vast grounds of the farm, as well as a second house on the grounds – which could be where some of the extended family members live.

Molly was already a pretty big TikToker before the show, with 600k followers on her page. Her videos are filmed at home most of the time, including dance trends with all her family members.

via TikTok @_mollymarsh

She’s done videos where you can clearly see a huge hallway staircase, the incredible entrance to the main farm house, as well as some of the rooms inside.

A look inside the farm where Love Island 2023 contestant Molly Marsh lives

via TikTok @_mollymarsh

I’m jealous!

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