Old photos of Faye from Love Island have resurfaced and she looks totally different

Faye has been very open about the cosmetic surgery she has had done in the past

Old photos of Love Island 2021 contestant, Faye Winter, before she entered the villa have resurfaced online – and she looks very different.

The 26-year-old lettings manager has been very open during her time on the show about what work she has had done in the past – and has joked multiple times about not being able to make facial expressions because of her botox. New photos are from her older sister, Jo Winter’s, Facebook page and are of the two of them on a night out together.

via Facebook

Faye has previously said she has had lip fillers, breast implants and botox injections done. She told her fellow Islanders she had breast implants gifted to her from her parents for her 18th birthday – as she had been insecure about them for years.

In the resurfaced pictures, Faye’s lips look less full and as does the area around her cheekbones. She’s rocking the mid-00s pencil thin eyebrow trend too, which is a huge look from her.

Old photos of Love Island 2021 contestant Faye Winter before the show and cosmetic surgery

Faye (right) and her sister, via Facebook

Old photos of Love Island 2021 contestant Faye Winter before the show and cosmetic surgery

Faye (middle) with her sister and a friend, via Facebook

Faye isn’t the only Islander to be open about their cosmetic surgery journey before the Love Island villa. Mary Bedford has also had a boob job, and had undergone lip filler and brow lift botox injections before the show. She said: “It’s not something you should be ashamed of, so many people have it done”, adding: “If you’ve got an insecurity you’re best off getting it fixed, there’s no point going through life insecure.”

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